CBD Dosing Chart for Pets-How much CBD to give your pet

CBD Dosing Chart for Pets-How much CBD to give your pet

Figuring out how much CBD to give your pet can be a bit confusing. At least it was for me. It seems that everywhere I turned I could not find consistent information and I was never sure what to do. I tried to get a Vet CBD dosing chart, only to find out there is none. Due to the many years of Cannabis being outlawed, there are not any FDA approved studies on the topic. All studies, no matter how credible they are, are independent. However, based on these studies and the countless experience of others using CBD products, certain patterns have emerged that can help to narrow down how much CBD to give to your pet.

   The truth is there are many different variables when it comes to proper CBD dosing for dogs. These include the size of your pet, the product being used, as well as your pet's condition. I highly recommend considering these things before you even make a purchase of a CBD product, let alone administering CBD to your pet. Check out our article that covers this in depth. 

   Once you have assessed your pet's situation and have chosen the product you are ready to begin dosing. You should use the CBD dosing guide for pets below as a guide. 

        cbd dosing chart for pets


      As you may have read at the top of the chart, the dropping directions are specifically for a 30 ML bottle with 350 MG of CBD. However, the daily MG amount for each size can and should be used as guide universally.


 Well That Isn't Very Specific 

       If you agree with the above statement I totally understand. The dosing instructions for each size varies so greatly, how much should you know how to give? This should be determined by the specific issue you are treating and your pets medical condition. For example, a small dog with mild anxiety during car rides may only need 2 Mg before getting in the vehicle. While on the other hand another small, senior dog may suffer from arthritis and need the full 5 Mg to see results.

       Some try to create mathematical equations to get down to the specific and exact amount of CBD to give based on weight and I personally believe that it is just a bunch of baloney! Which brings me to another point, every pet will react differently to CBD.


Find The Sweet Spot

      What works for one pet may not work for another, even if they are the same size. I know a customer who's Chihuahua suffered from pretty bad nerve pain. I told her to start with the max of 5 MG. Next time she called to tell her pet was doing great, but that she was only giving 2 MG. You want to use your dog's weight and this chart only as a guide on where to start.Due to the fact that there are so many variables at play, you must experiment with your pet to find what dose works best. 

         However, before doing ANY of this, you must first find out if CBD is safe to give to your pet. Now the answer is 99% always yes. Yet it is important that your pet is not allergic to any ingredients, or is not taking any medications that may conflict with CBD. Always speak to your vet about introducing holistic remedies to your pet.