Is it Safe to Give CBD Oil to Your Dog or Cat?

Is it Safe to Give CBD Oil to Your Dog or Cat?

With CBD Oil breaking into the mainstream, many pet owners are asking, "is CBD Oil safe for your pet?" Pet owners are turning to CBD Oil to help treat a wide range of ailments in their dogs. Until recently, marijuana products were considered taboo in our society. Grocery stores now carry it in the forms of protein powders, lotions, soaps and even milk.

Although CBD Oil comes from the Marijuana Plant it does not contain any THC which is what causes intoxication. CBD does not cause you or your pet to get high. That being said, people who are not familiar with CBD are concerned about possible side effects.

Does CBD Oil Work for Dogs and Cats?

It's important to understand exactly how CBD works. Animals and humans have cannabinoid receptor sites in the central nervous system and brain.

Shown to Be Anti-Inflammatory

Studies have shown that CBD oil has anti-inflammatory effects that can relieve pain, muscle spasms, tumors, neurological disorders, skin conditions, and arthritis. Many dog owners have seen positive results when using CBD oil to help aggression and digestive issues in their dogs. There are additional benefits of CBD for Dogs and Cats.

Reduces the Need for Conventional Drugs

More and more Veterinarians are finding it helpful in treating torn ligaments, sprains, strains and broken bones. CBD oil can also help reduce the need for conventional medications that can be harmful to your pet. CCBD oil is an herbal medicine that may take some time before noticing an effect. Generally, relief can be felt after just a few hours.


Is It Safe to Give CBD Oil to Pets?

Is it safe to give CBD Oil to your dog or cat? Yes it is. CBD Oil, or marijuana in general, is safe to use and consume. There has never been a case of a human or animal overdosing. CBD, in particular, has no recommended limit for consumption because it does not have an intoxicating effect.

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Marijuana dose has side effects when used, but even these are not considered harmful. CBD dose does not officially have any side effects. CBD still does not have any FDA approved studies on its effects. All available information on CBD is based off independent studies and individual experiences. To know if CBD is safe to give to your pet there is some research you must do first.

When to Exercise Caution With Cat and Dog CBD

There are only two cases when there should be caution used with CBD. The first case is if your pet has a pre-existing allergy. It is very important to find out all of the ingredients in the formula you are purchasing and to cross check them with any pre-existing allergies your pet may have.

Prana Pets uses MCT Oil as the carrier for the CBD product. It is rare that a pet is allergic to MCT Oil, however, this is something that should be looked into prior to administering the product. The other case is if your pet is already taking a prescription medication from the Vet.

All medications are different and may react differently when used with CBD. It is highly recommended that if your pet is on any medication, that you consult with the vet prior to using the CBD product.

Where Can I Purchase CBD Oil For My Pet?

There are several companies that sell CBD oil and treats specifically for dogs. When considering where to buy CBD, we believe it is important to find out where the CBD comes from and is it organic.

Many companies will provide a lab report upon request. Prana Pets offers organically extracted, full spectrum Dog CBD Oil for a reasonable price. You get 350 Mg of CBD in a 30 ML bottle.You should start out with a low dose to see how your dog reacts to the CBD oil.

As your dog slowly progresses, you can increase the dosage over time to achieve the best therapeutic results. CBD oil is an excellent alternative to prescription drugs to help treat many of your dog's health issues.