CBD Guide For Pets- Check list for giving CBD to Your Pet


New to CBD? We'll make sure you read our checklist before you make the purchase! CBD essential buyers guide.

CBD Guide For Pets- Check list for giving CBD to Your Pet

People who are new to CBD may not be sure even what CBD is!  They just heard about it from a friend, the Vet, the Tv, or most likely the internet. In some cases, pet owners have time to do their research on CBD and how it may treat the illness their pet suffers from. However, in other cases, it may much more urgent.

There are times where traditional medicines have failed and CBD is the final effort. I remember when my mother's dog had her first seizure I scrambled to find info on what we could do! My mother wanted to go the pharmaceutical route but I had found a webpage on how marijuana can fight seizures in humans as well as animals.

I found CBD from a website and convinced my mom to give it a try. The CBD came and worked wonderfully. This was the start of my interest in CBD, however as my interest increased I soon realized that there are many factors you should consider before you purchase and administer CBD.

Your Pet's size

Weight is definitely a factor. Your pet's weight will not determine precisely how much CBD is needed, but we always recommend using it as a guide. I like to use the CBD dosing chart for pets as my guide. Using your pet's weight as a guide will help you find your pets CBD sweet spot which will give the best results. Once you have found the sweet spot you will then know exactly how much to give. This will also be heavily influenced by other factors.

What is your Pet's Condition? 

Determining how much CBD to give to your pet, and in turn, what product to ultimately choose, will also depend on your pets medical condition. Pets with serious conditions will tend to need a larger dose of CBD than a pet with a less serious condition. Seizures will need larger doses than anxiety.



Cbd Check List for Pets


Make Sure It Is CBD!

The first thing you should always do is make sure you are purchasing your CBD from a reputable source. Use a brand recommended by a friend or make sure to read reviews on a companies website. Unfortunately not all CBD is created equal. Some companies choose to mix their product with Hemp Oil.

This can be fine due to the fact that Hemp Oil can be very beneficial, for certain ailments. If your pet has seizures they may need only CBD, so it is important to make sure that is what you are getting. CBD vs Hemp Oil for pets is totally different.  We have an article on how CBD and hemp oil are different. 

Another more serious problem is companies selling "Synthetic Chemicals" that mimic the intoxicating effects of marijuana and marketing them as legal CBD. Because these items do not contain any actual cannabis they can be sold legally at gas stations and smoke shops. These products are highly dangerous and can cause death in your pet to be very cautious. The best way to identify these products is by the marketing. It will come off as a product marketed to teenagers.

Always ask questions about the product. Prana Pets CBD Oil for Pets is organically grown and extracted in the state of Colorado and only contains CBD and MCT Oil. We also offer a 3rd party lab test upon request. Companies that struggle to provide such information may not be very trustworthy.

Choose a CBD Product! 

Once you have found a reputable source your next task is to choose a product. CBD products come in many forms but for pets, it is mostly treats or Oils. Treats work well however many people choose a liquid because it is much easier to make sure your pet gets the correct dose. You also have the choice of administering to the mouth or dropping on food. There are many different ways to administer CBD to your pet, but ultimately it is up to you and your furry friend!

It is also important to note, the amount of CBD in the product. There is no standard amount, every product will vary. For example, you may have a bottle with 50 mg of CBD, and another on at 350 MG. This will clearly affect the dosing and it should always be noted before you purchase the product.

The main thing you should look for is CBD content. This is what will really matter.  If tow bottles have the same CBD content but one is bigger than the other, all this means is that one requires more drops than the other to achieve the same amount of CBD in the dose.