How To Help a Dog With Separation Anxiety

How To Help a Dog With Separation Anxiety

If your beloved pet howls while you are leaving it for a few hours, then it requires dog separation anxiety treatment. There are several holistic methods or home remedies for dogs with separation anxiety. 

Treating Separation Anxiety in Dogs

1. Prepare Your Dog For Longer Separation Times

When you spend the majority of your time with your dog, it will become anxious when you leave for any amount of time. The best time to begin training your dog for time on its own or in a kennel is when it is a puppy. While puppies can't stay alone for extended amounts of time, you can begin by leaving the animal in another room for 30 minutes while you make no responses to its barking or whining. Eventually, you can leave your pet at home or at a friend's home for longer amounts of time so that you can spend the day somewhere else. 

2. Wear Your Dog Out With Exercise

If you need to spend the day outside your home without taking your dog with you, then wear the animal out with strenuous exercise. Take your dog on long walks on city streets, or alternatively, take your dog on a hike in the woods. Teach your dog how to play games such as fetching a stick or ball. You can also have a long training session with your dog to teach it how to use a specialized obstacle course. When your dog is tired, it is less likely to bark or whine when you leave it home alone. 

3. Don't Act Emotional When Leaving Your Pet

Dogs with separation anxiety often feel an owner's emotions. If you act sad while leaving your pet alone, then it may begin to act out in the same or in a different way. Your dog might become destructive, leading to behaviors such as chewing on furniture or scratching the floor. Other dogs may internalize emotions by urinating or defecating on surfaces. When you must leave your dog, don't make any eye contact, and also, walk away quickly without becoming emotional. 

Why Holistic or Natural Home Remedies Are Preferred

Some experts will tell you to give your dog prescription medications for separation anxiety, but this can lead to side effects for an animal. Holistic dog separation anxiety treatment can include giving your pet natural chamomile tea that has a calming effect. That is when a product like Prana Pets CBD Oil can be used to ease this anxiety. CBD has been shown to help dogs with anxiety issues.