Lignans for Dogs with Cushings with Melatonin


Lignans for Dogs with Cushings with Melatonin

Prana Pets has formulated a unique blend of Lignans for Dogs with Cushings combined with Melatonin in one tablet. It comes in two sizes.
Lignans for Dogs with Cushings with Melatonin has a rating of 4.6 stars based on 29 reviews.


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Cushing’s disease affects countless dogs across the world, leaving many pet owners stuck wondering how they can help.  When you see your canine friend suffering from hair loss, excessive thirst and urination, skin infections, a potbelly and the various other unfortunate symptoms of Cushing’s disease, it can be truly heartbreaking. 


Fortunately breakthrough medical studies have discovered a natural way to help manage your dog’s symptoms!  Prana Pets Lignans and Melatonin for Dogs Combo harnesses the power of this cutting-edge research to provide you with a natural solution to Cushing’s disease without the risk of side effects or adverse reactions.  Thousands of reports nationwide have confirmed just how gentle and safe this combination is, but more importantly it provides dogs with lasting relief!


Melatonin for Dogs with Cushing’s - A Powerful & Safe Ally


Melatonin is a natural hormone produced by the pineal gland that helps the body maintain hormonal balance.  Properly administered, it’s gentle, safe and carries no risk of side effects.  If you’ve studied Cushing’s disease, you know that it causes the dog’s body to produce excessive amounts of cortisol (a stress hormone).  Studies conducted at the University of Tennessee confirmed that melatonin can help reduce excessive cortisol levels and for this reason melatonin is an excellent option to help with adrenal diseases like Cushing’s disease.  Melatonin has also been used in veterinary practice to help regrow fur, thus addressing one of the main symptoms of Cushing’s disease. 

We have formulated the Lignans and Melatonin for Dogs Combo to have the precise amount of melatonin for maximum safety and therapeutic effect.  


Lignans - A Natural Solution for Cushing’s Disease


Flaxseed is one of the world’s oldest cultivated crops, having been grown since the dawn of human civilization.  The Latin name of the flaxseed plant is Linum usitatissimum, meaning “very useful.”  In addition to food and fiber, flaxseeds also offer medicinal properties to dogs with Cushing’s disease.  Like Melatonin, SDG Ligans extracted from flaxseed have been studied for their ability to help lower excessive cortisol levels.  Research shows that combining flaxseed lignans with melatonin serves to lower cortisol levels, rendering this combination particularly useful for dogs with Cushing’s disease.  


Jack W. Oliver, DVM, Ph.D Knoxville, TN 

Melatonin for Dogs is used in holistic and veterinary medicine along with Lignans as a natural treatment for Cushing's disease. Studies show reduced cortisol in dogs when given as a combination.  It's also effective in assisting with the loss of hair and skin irritations.

The Melatonin and Lignans Combo can be given safely with Cushings Killer Combo.

Check our Reviews:
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

“My Beagle has had Cushing's for the last 3 months...hungry constantly, thirsty constantly...needs to go out in the middle of the night every night even when we restrict her water after 7PM. I started her on two caps a day last week 1 at lunch and 1 at dinner mixed in her food...I didn't want to hope too much but we have had three straight nights of sleeping all night and not needing to go until we get up...hunger is less and some of the thirst has abated. She seems calmer also...less panting and excitability than before. I definitely see an improvement and am really happy to be giving her something natural.”

- Adam M / Verified Buyer
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

“I'm so glad to have found Lignans for dogs. my little dog is 13 years old and she has Cushing's. We're going for quality of life and she seems to be holding her own. I give her one capsule a day sprinkled over her food and she eats it with her breakfast with no problem. We are watching her closely and so far feel this was the right way to go. I would advise anyone to do this as opposed to the traditional treatment that could make their dog sick. She has not demonstrated a problem so far and she seems to be getting along well.”

- Lesley R / Verified Buyer

Lignans - An All Natural Solutions for Cushings

If you are wondering what else you can do to help support your Dog's Cushings Disease, you should try our SDG Lignans. Prana Pets Lignans for Cushings are a powerful complement to the Cushing’s Killer Combo.  Lignans contain a potent antioxidant that helps alleviate hormonal imbalances in the body—the problem at the core of Cushing’s disease.

Not all plant foods with antioxidants are safe for dogs to ingest,  making Prana Pets HMR Lignans a unique product. They are natural, safe, and easy to measure and administer.

Amazing Effects of Lignans and the Adrenal System

Lignans are natural compounds from plant material that help ease cortisol hormone levels in the body. When ingested, Lignans become enterolignans, which may reduce the circulation of cortisol in the blood.

Their unique anti-inflammatory properties limit the need for cortisol to produce. They also correct the overproduction of estrogen by encouraging a weaker form of estrogen to release instead. In addition, Lignans help prevent testosterone excess by inhibiting the production of DHT, a highly potent form of testosterone.

Lignans achieve this by cutting off the enzymes involved in creating DHT, adjusting the right level of acceptable testosterone in the process. Studies show Lignans to improve hair growth, one of the indicators of Cushing’s disease in dogs.

Research - What are Lignans for Cushings

Lignans are converted in the body into the mammalian lignans (enterolignans) enterodiol and enterolactone. Enterolignans have been shown to be potent antioxidants. They reduce the free radicals that otherwise damage tissues, membrane lipids, nucleic acids, and proteins, and may lead to diseases or premature aging. Enterolignans also stimulate the synthesis of sex hormone binding globulin, effectively binding sex hormones and thereby reducing their circulation in the blood stream and thus their biological activity.

There are numerous studies that indicate improved health from hormone balance, such as reduced rates of menopausal symptoms and maintaining prostate health. Some studies have indicated improved hair growth.

Check our Reviews:
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"My old dog has cushings disease and prior to using this product she would shake constantly. shaking and a lot more active and content. I will never not have this product!"

- Carmen T / Verified Buyer
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

“I purchased Lignans for Dogs for my 12 year old miniature Poodle, who had been diagnosed with atypical Cushings disease. It worked fine for his lower digestive tract but unfortunately he developed diabetes and we lost him several months later. We are also using the Adrenal Support for dogs.  I am now giving it to my 3 year old Maltese. Hopefully it will give her some protection against Cushings.”

- Brian F / Verified Buyer

Directions and Dosage for Lignans and Melatonin for Dogs:

For Dogs less than 25 lbs (10mg Lignans/1mg Melatonin)

1 tablet daily for dogs under 10lbs

2 tablets daily for dogs up to 25lbs


For dogs over 25 lbs  (20mg Lignans/3mg Melatonin)

1 tablet daily for dogs under 25-50lbs

2 tablets daily for dogs over 50lbs

Some vets may recommend 1 mg of melatonin every 12 hours for dogs under 10 lbs, or for people who want to give their dog a low dosage of melatonin.

Directions and Dosage for Lignans for Cushings

Each dosage is one milligram of Lignans per pound of body weight. Up to two milligrams per pound of body weight may be given in one sitting or separated into smaller doses throughout the day.  



Melatonin and Lignans Combo contain SDG Lignans and Melatonin.  Sorbitol, Sucrose, Natural Flavors, Dicalcium Phosphate, Silicon Dioxide, Salt

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*These statements above have not been evaluated by Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. The information on this Web site or in emails is designed for educational purposes only. It is not intended to be a substitute for informed medical advice or care. Prana Pets bases these statements on the historically established and widely acknowledged traditional uses of natural ingredients.

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