Is Your Dog Stressed Out?

Is Your Dog Stressed Out?

A dog can only live their best life if they feel happy and free. Any form of anxiety can manifest physically and affect a dog’s overall well-being. Preventative medicine will help your pup avoid problems caused by disease and harsh pharmaceuticals down the line.

How Do I Know if My Dog is Stressed?

Some signs your dog is stressed out include excessive panting, yawning, drooling, licking, and barking. Your canine babe might also be pacing, shaking, or whining. Changes in the eyes, ears, and body posture, in addition to shedding of the fur, can also be signs of a high-strung pooch.

5 Tips for Lowering Your Dog’s Stress

  • Exercise, exercise, exercise! Dogs need it. In fact, they crave it. Get in at least 10-15 minutes of walking, running, and/or playing with your dog every day!
  • Make sure their environment is stable. Some dogs get stressed when moving homes, being introduced to new dogs or other animals, or when there are fireworks going off outside. Be sure to make their environment as stable and stress-free as possible by being sensitive to their reactions to different stimuli.
  • Provide your dog with their own little area of the house. Everyone needs a place to themselves. If your dog gets too stimulated or anxious, they will want a safe place to just be. Having something already set up will help more than you know.
  • Travel with your dog sparingly. Be aware of any signs of stress during car or plane rides. Some dogs travel better than others, but it’s still good to generally be aware of how often it happens, especially as your fur babe ages.
  • Give your dog CBD oil. CBD Oil for Dogs helps the mental and emotional state of your dog as it helps the body manage stress, nervousness, strain, and agitation. It can even be used topically to alleviate discomfort. CBD oil also promotes healthy digestion and has the added benefit of promoting healthy skin and fur growth.

If your dog is in or approaching their golden years, it’s important to check their cortisol levels to make sure they are healthy. Stress affects the adrenal glands over time, and if too much cortisol is produced, it can become Cushing’s disease. If this happens, know that you have options. A holistic approach to doggie care is most ideal for targeting stress.

Even if your dog doesn’t develop Cushing’s, a great way to naturally balance your furry friend’s hormones is to incorporate an herbal supplement. Adrenal Support for Dogs is a special blend of herbs that promote normal adrenal function. As it balances the hormones, it helps curb the symptoms of high stress in dogs by getting to the root of the issue.

Our dogs are there for us. They always have been, and they always will be. It’s important to honor the loyalty of your canine by remembering that they have a life journey of their own, too. It is our job as doggie parents to make sure their journey is as smooth and stress-free as possible. Your pup will be sure to notice your efforts and thank you with extra kisses and love!