Healthy Joints & Mobility in Senior Pets

Healthy Joints & Mobility in Senior Pets

Today’s dogs and cats live longer than ever before. Once they’ve gotten to about age 11, however, they’ll likely experience pain in their joints, affecting their ability to move comfortably and do the things they’ve always done as younger puppies and kitties. The good news is: you have a say in the matter. You can target the source of inflammation without having to put your fur babe through the complications or side effects of harsh pharmaceuticals.

Prana Pets Healthy Joints & Mobility in Senior Cats

Joint health starts from within

Do the research to ensure your pet is eating the correct food for their species, age, and activity level. Proper nutrition will also keep off any excess weight that would put unnecessary stress on your dog or cat’s joints. 

There are medicinal foods available for dogs and cats that actually address joint stiffness and discomfort if eaten regularly. Hip & Joint Dog Supplements have all-natural ingredients that quickly relieve discomfort and stiffness: glucosamine, chondroitin, organic turmeric root, MSM, organic hemp seed, vitamin C, dried yuca root, vitamin E, and eggshell meal (for collagen)—and the fur babies find them to be de-lish!

Motion is lotion!

Encourage your dog or cat to move daily, even just a little. Regular movement will stimulate circulation in the joints to improve healing and increase strength. It’s also a great way to check on your pet regularly and look for reductions in their range of motion. If you notice a change, you can take action before it becomes a serious problem.

Exercise is certainly one of the most effective ways to strengthen your pet’s joints, but the strain of daily activity can call for just a little help from some soothing supplements. Joint & Muscle Supplement is a blend of high quality herbs that promote healthy joints, muscles, and bones. This natural approach actually enhances mobility and supports joint health long term.

Prana Pets Healthy Joints & Mobility in Senior Dogs

Prevent pain

Believe it or not, dogs and cats hide pain as a survival instinct (don’t worry—it’s not personal!). This makes it all the more important for pet owners to stay on top of the signs of hidden pet pain. If you see a change of stance in your dog or cat or they are reluctant to jump or move like they used to, they may very well be in pain and hiding it from you. If you spot any strange, new behavior in your pet, talk to their vet to rule out any major injuries.

To help with any possible pain, CBD Oil for Pets can help prevent and treat pain on the spot, whether taken orally or topically. CBD Oil for Pets promotes healthy inflammation response, alleviates discomfort, and even keeps anxiety at bay.

If you take the proper steps to prevent pain and inflammation in your pet’s joints, you can extend the best years of your pet’s life. This way, you can continue to greet, love on, and play with each other without limitations for many years to come.