September is Animal Pain Awareness Month!

September is Animal Pain Awareness Month!

You might think you know your pet better than anyone, but your pet could be hiding something big from you.

Pets are experts at hiding pain. Dogs and cats hide the pain they feel from an illness or injury as a survival instinct to not alert predators to their weaknesses. They also live to please their owners, so they will ignore what’s going on inside to continue to greet, play, and interact with the humans they love.

It’s vital for you to know the symptoms of hidden pet pain. Sometimes the only way to tell if your pet is in pain is to study their behavior.

Look for these 6 signs of hidden pet pain to make sure you catch an illness or injury before it progresses:

  1. Grooming in a specific area: Pets may fixate on one area of their body out of agitation despite the pain coming from another part.
  2. Decrease in activity: Your pet not being comfortable enough to move the way they used to could signify the onset of an illness.
  3. Decrease in appetite: Eating less than usual could be the result of a serious internal condition and/or an injury to the inside of your pet’s mouth.
  4. Difficulty standing: If your pet has been lying down and struggles to get back up, it could be a sign of hip or joint pain.
  5. Not jumping and/or using stairs: If your pet has always enjoyed jumping to certain spots or climbing stairs but is suddenly hesitant to do so, they might be dealing with pain that would impede these movements.
  6. Strained posture: If your pet’s walk or stance has changed or if they rest on surfaces to hold themselves up, they could have pain in the area they are trying to avoid putting pressure on.

If you notice any of these changes, they must be discussed with a vet immediately. Thankfully, there are also things you can do at home for your beloved pet to be comfortable throughout their everyday activities.

Giving them Prana Pets CBD Oil for Dogs and Cats can stave off pain and inflammation regardless of their condition. It also relieves stress and improves appetite, digestion, skin, and coat. If your pet is having mobility issues, they may benefit from Prana Pets Joint & Muscle Supplement, which has herbs for relieving pain in the hips, legs, joints, and back.

If your pet has an infection, Prana Pets Immune Support would be a valuable addition to their routine. This herbal supplement helps sustain a strong immune system, restores energy levels, and nourishes the liver for optimal detoxification.

There is nothing quite like the company and affection of your fur baby. Treating their pain as soon as possible will help them live a longer and healthier life to ensure many more happy memories to come.