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Raw food vs Kibble

Raw food vs Kibble



Article By : Tayler Tremblay


When comparing kibble to raw pet food, there is no comparison. Kibble is full of fillers, preservatives, and indigestible ingredients. Don't be fooled by big pet food companies that label their food as “no fillers". By their very nature, kibble (dry, processed dog and cat foods) have 80% or more grain or other carbohydrates. Have you ever tried to bake a cookie or muffin that does not contain flour or oats? Grains lend cohesiveness to the formula and help the processed, cooked food hold together in its cute little shapes. Grains, potatoes, and other carbs are also very inexpensive thus making pet food cheaper to produce, with a larger profit margin.

Raw pet food is the complete opposite. With raw diets, there are NEVER any fillers, grains, preservatives, or additives involved, only fresh RAW ingredients. Dogs and cats are natural born carnivores, their digestive systems were specifically designed to digest and convert animal-based foods into metabolic energy.

The simple truth is feeding a species appropriate raw food diet will cost you the same or less than a premium kibble pet food. Because of the raw foods’ metabolic density, your pet will eat much less. The focused metabolic energy builds the immune system, keeps your pet healthier saving you money on flea and tick control as well as other veterinary expenses. Healthy animals naturally repel parasites and heal themselves when minor challenges arise.