The Benefits of Raw Dieting for Dogs


Learn the many benefits of raw dieting for dogs. Dogs love a raw diet. The many benefits of a raw diet for dogs make an easy case for why you should switch over for your pup!

The Benefits of Raw Dieting for Dogs

The Benefits of Raw Dieting for Dogs

By: Tayler Tremblay


To understand the benefits of raw dieting for dogs you must first understand their internal anatomy and their evolution process.

So who are dog’s ancestors? If you answered wolf you are correct. The evolution and domestication of dogs happened between 18,800 and 32,100 years ago according to a documented study on CNN; and all though they may differ in physical appearance and behavioral patterns they still are classified as the same species, Canis Lupus.

Did you know if a wolf and dog mated that they would be able to produce healthy offspring? This is true and has happened numerous times. This says a lot about how identical a wolf and a dog really are. So why is this important to know? Because if you can understand and acknowledge that dogs and wolves are the same species, then you will understand and realize that they must have the same kind of diet too.

We can now all agree that a wolf is a carnivore, and a carnivore is defined by the Merriam-Webster dictionary as any of an order (Carnivora) of typically flesh-eating mammals that includes dogs, foxes, bears, raccoons, and cats; broadly: a carnivorous animal.

So if dogs are classified as meat-eaters, then why aren’t their diets reflecting that? Short answer, because big pet food companies are able to produce an extremely cheap product, mark it up and make BILLIONS of dollars off of it. And it’s not like kibble will kill dogs immediately, it slowly hinders their health and eventually, they are diagnosed with different ailments and diseases that later on cause their death. These companies have perfected their marketing techniques and are fooling millions of people including the majority of veterinarians. That is why we recommend a raw diet for dogs.

Now let’s talk benefits. Most pet owners have or are still feeding their pet a kibble or processed wet food diet. Also, most pet owners have probably given or are still giving their pet some type of medication. As pet owners it can sometimes be overwhelming when you can’t seem help solve your pet’s issue(s), you find yourself constantly taking them to the vet and being prescribed more medication to give them.

The simple solution is actually just dieting. When making the switch to a biological species appropriate diet you will see the majority of your pet’s issues decrease substantially or even become non-existent and if additional supplementation is needed try Prana Pets natural supplements for dogs

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We have a big responsibility as pet owners to make sure we are providing our dogs with proper nutrition for optimal health. Raw dieting for dogs is incredibly important. Would you go to your medical doctor for nutrition advice? No, never, you would go to a nutrition specialist for help. Same goes for pets, veterinarians are taught very little about nutrition in school, unfortunately, they are not the experts when it comes to proper nutrition for your pet. Do your research and do what’s right for your pet.

Benefits Include:

Reduces Allergies - Fewer Visits To The Vet - Less Itchy & Scratchy Skin - Better Dental Health - Improved Behavior - Healthier Coats & Skin - More Stamina & Energy - Improves Digestion - Boosts Immune System - Better Weight Control