It's National Pet Wellness Month

It's National Pet Wellness Month

Our pet's wellbeing is so important to us as pet parents! To keep our fur babies harmoniously healthy, we must understand how the whole body works together. Holistic health for pets is the best approach for ensuring there are no blind spots in the health of your beloved pup or kitty. 

The goal of holistic pet care is longevity through the proper flow of all bodily systems. The following are 4 tips for optimal pet wellness:

Balance the emotions.

Pets want to feel safe at all times, and their hormones become imbalanced from exposure to stressors over the years. 

  • Be sure to limit stressors as much as you can, especially surrounding a move, trip to the vet, or any change in the home dynamic.
  • A natural way to ease stress is to give your pets CBD Oil for Pets around the times you think their cortisol might spike.
  • Lowering your pet’s stress in general will ensure they live longer, happier lives.

Detoxify your pet’s body.

Proper release of toxins is crucial to your pet’s health and comfort long term.

  • Make sure your pet gets enough water by maximizing access to it. (Cats need a little more encouragement than dogs.)
  • Regular walks for dogs are a must.
  • It’s important to observe your dog or cat’s behavior as they do their business, just enough to spot anything out of the ordinary.

If your pet is urinating frequently or crying as they pee, it could be a UTI. Blood in the urine is another sign, as well as cats peeing outside of the litter box. Prana Pets Urinary Tract Health Supplement for Dogs and Cats helps ease the pain of infection by healing the urinary tract.

Encourage movement.

Your pet loves spending time with you! Don’t be afraid to get a little creative to get your pet moving.

  • Turn mealtime into a game.
  • Try putting on a tail so your cat chases it! 
  • Always reward and praise your pet for a job well done.
  • Maintain your pet’s weight as obesity can lead to joint issues.

Ensuring comfortable mobility in your pet is one of the most proactive things you can do for your fur child. Adding the Joint and Muscle Immunity Regimen to your pet’s health routine has the benefits of two herbal remedies: one that promotes the function of joints and muscles and one that controls inflammation.

Stimulate good digestion.

  • Don’t overfeed your dog or cat.
  • Make sure your pet is eating the right diet for their species and age and getting the right balance of vitamins and minerals.
  • Brush your cat daily to minimize hairballs. 
  • Give your pet Good Digestion Formula for Cats and Dogs for a healthy gut.

Tending to these areas of pet wellbeing will give you a headstart on providing your pet with the complete care they deserve. Making healthy changes is always worth the effort, especially for the furballs we love. Remember to dedicate quality time to your fur babe and constantly remind them how much you care!

Don't forget, if you ever have any questions about your pets health and wellbeing, our Pet Health Experts are ready to chat! Schedule a call today.