Top Benefits of Hemp Oil for Pets

 Top 5 Benefits of Hemp Oil in Pets. Learn the pro's and con's of using hemp oil for your pet. Learn the difference between CBD and Hemp Oil for pets.

Top Benefits of Hemp Oil for Pets

What Are the Benefits of Hemp Oil in Cats and Dogs

There are alternative treatments and supplements for pets. One that keeps showing more benefits is hemp oil for dogs. Studies on the benefits of hemp oil are not conclusive as of yet, but there are signs that point to its benefits. Hemp oil is being used for dogs and cats. The main ingredient that shows beneficial qualities is cannabidiol (CDB). 

What is Hemp Oil? 

Hemp oil is pressed out of hemp seeds. The word “hemp” may turn some pet owners away because of its association with another plant in the cannabis family, marijuana. Hemp and marijuana are very different in their chemical make-up. The chemical in marijuana that gives psychoactive effects is THC.

The THC level in marijuana is 5% or higher while the THC level in hemp is between .3% and 1.5%. Whereas marijuana has a higher concentration of THC, hemp has a higher concentration of CBD, the therapeutic ingredient in hemp. Hemp oil contains Omega-3 (alpha linolenic acid) and Omega-6 (linolenic acid) fatty acids.

These are fats that are considered good for the body. They promote good immune and cardiovascular system functions. The oil contains another Omega-6 fatty acid, gamma linolenic acid (GLA). Hemp oil should only be taken raw; cooking hemp oil causes a chemical reaction and negates any health benefits of the supplement. 

What Does Hemp Oil Do? 

Mammals, including cats and dogs, have an endocannabinoid system (ECS) that works with most functions in the body including digestion, relaxation, cardiovascular and cognitive functions. The CBD in hemp oil works with the ECS to improve these functions of the body. 

Hemp Oil vs CBD

The Top 5 Benefits of Hemp Oil in Pets 

  1. Good for the Immune System
  2. Good for Skin and Coat Health
  3. An Anti-inflammatory
  4. Good for the Brain
  5. Good for the Heart

These are the top potential benefits of using hemp for cats and dogs. Let’s take a closer look at each. 

1. Good for the Immune System 

CBD Oil for pets is good for healthy digestive and immune system functions. It can help with gastrointestinal issues. It also promotes better health for the animal by helping to improve the immune system. 

2. Good for Skin and Coat Health

Hemp for cats and dogs promotes healthy skin. If the pet has dry or itchy skin, hemp oil helps heal the area and brings moisture back to the skin. It can help prevent excessive scratching. It also improves the health of the pet's coat. It helps to make a soft, supple and shiny coat. This is nice for the owner because it looks beautiful. It is nice for the dog or cat because it feels good and is easier to groom. 

Benefits of CBD for Pets

3. An Anti-Inflammatory 

The Cbd in hemp oil acts as a natural anti-inflammatory. This helps with ailments that cause pain to the pet. It helps with the joint pains or arthritis pains that older pets get. It also helps relieve muscles after a rigorous walk or run; it improves the recovery time after hard exercises. CBD also helps pets with tumors. CBD slows down the growth of tumors and even helps shrink them. It helps alleviate pain and soreness caused by the tumor. 

4. Good for the Brain 

The fatty acids and CBD in hemp oil promote healthy brain function. It can help slow down the onset of Alzheimer in older cats and dogs. It can also help with seizures in pets. It helps reduce the number of seizures in pets that are prone to seizures, and it calms them down and helps with the recovery after a seizure occurs. 

6. Good for the Heart 

Hemp for dogs and cats promote a healthy cardiovascular system. It increases blood flow, circulation and helps prevent heart disease. A healthy heart is a key to having a healthy, active pet. 

Possible Cons 

There are many potential health benefits of hemp for dogs and cats. There are not any known major side effects of using the supplement, but there are a couple of minor side effects and a caution if taken with medications. Because of the fact that the oil is high in Omega-6 and Omega-3 fatty acid, it is cautioned to not feed pets with high doses of the supplement.

These fatty acids cause diarrhea when consumed in large quantities. A caution when using any supplement is always consulting with the vet when adding anything to a pet's diet. A vet can help weigh the pros and cons of any supplement to help make the best choice for the cat or dog. It is especially important to discuss with the vet when the pet takes medications.