Learn 3 ways to end your dog's anxiety issues today! Dog anxiety can be tuff but in many cases, it can be easily treated!


By: Mario Paciaffi


Anxiety is something we all have to deal with. Some more than others. Anxiety can consume a person and ruin their life. We are constantly working to find new ways to fight anxiety. We tend to forget that our dogs can also suffer from anxiety as well and it can be just as damaging. Here are 3 ways to help fight dog anxiety today!

1. Healthy Diet and Exercise

A healthy diet and exercise routine is a natural remedy for anxiety and depression. This goes for our dogs as well. Taking your pet for long walks is a great way to start. Playing at home if it is too cold or perhaps taking your pet to the beach for a run when it's nice out. Any exercise will help your pet's anxiety. Also, a healthy diet leads to a healthy life. Raw diets for dogs can be very effective.You should monitor what you feed your pets. Make sure they eat a nutritious and healthy diet.

2. CBD Products

CBD Oil is just beginning to go mainstream, however, it has been used for medicinal purposes for 1,000’s of years. Not only does the plant help fight pain, nausea, seizures, etc. It also works well to combat anxiety in both humans and pets. It works tremendously to combat trauma related anxiety, as well as separation anxiety.  

CBD is great to give before certain events that make a pet go nuts. I personally have used it when bringing my mother's beagle, Lilly, on plane rides. Without it, she can cause quite a fuss. CBD is 100% natural and 100% legal. You can read more about CBD for dogs and its benefits here.

3. Have a predictable routine

Nobody likes change, and neither does your dog. If you deal with anxiety you know what change can bring. The same goes for anxious dogs. Your dog's schedule should work on your own, but should more or less stay the same.

It is normal for a dog to get nervous when changes occur, it is best to work to help with your dog's anxiety instead of punishing the anxious behavior. I recommend feeding your dogs and walking them around the same times each day.