Tremors in Dogs: Top Causes and Treatments

Tremors in Dogs: Top Causes and Treatments

Should I Be Concerned About My Dogs Shaking?

You may have noticed that your dog has been shaking, or trembling and that this is abnormal for your furry friend. Shaking or tremors in your dog may actually be completely normal some dogs shake due to excitement, old age, pain, or even nausea.

However sometimes it can be caused by something much worse, that is why it is important to understand your dogs tumors, and to know if it is normal or cause for alarm.  

Causes of Tremors in Dogs

While shaking in dogs can be normal there are also many causes of shaking that are not normal and should be cause for alarm. You may be wondering why is my dog shaking, and is it normal that my dog has developed tremors.
The most common causes of tremors in dogs:

  • Distemper (virus)
  • General tremor Syndrome
  • Nausea
  • Isolation
  • Old Age
  • Pain
  • Poisoning
  • Seizure Disorders
  • Excitement
  • Kidney Failure

Tremors can be a serious sign of poisoning, kidney disease, or a general pain and injury. If your dog does not normally shake or have tremors but has developed them suddenly, and you notice signs of limping, vomiting, or diarrhea you should seek immediate medical attention for your dog. 

If you suspect your dog may be shaking due to kidney failure, arthritis, general pain, old age, or a generalized seizure disorder there is a way to help. You may have talked to your vet about their condition and have found they want to give out harsh synthetic drugs that can cause many other negative reactions in your dog.

While this is certainly an option there is a much simpler solution, for example, general excitement in dogs. Some dogs get overly anxious in some situations leading to them shaking, or having tremors. One of the best ways to help your dog with this is with the simple safe administration of CBD, which is a great addition to any anxious dog's life. The same goes for other causes of shaking or tremors in dogs. 

Benefits Of CBD In Tremors, Seizures, and Shaking

More and more pet owners today are realizing that synthetic drugs are not the only way to treat animals suffering from shaking, or tremors. Many dog owners are switching to using CBD to help to fight their dog's ailments, and have seen increased success in using this wonderful supplement to stop their dogs from suffering from tremors.

This substance is found in cannabis or marijuana. It's not to be confused with THC or tetrahydrocannabinol, which is famous for the "high" in marijuana. CBD Oil for dogs is the active ingredient in hemp that doesn't have psychoactive properties. Which helps with general pain, and discomfort caused by shaking, and tremors.

CBD helps reduce shaking, and tremors in canines as well as supports stable, a balanced function of the brain and nervous system.

Your dog can benefit from CBD by taking it on a regular basis, not just for treating stress related to uncomfortable travel. In fact, many families see a dramatic change in their pet's general happiness and tremors on a daily basis when used regularly.


Whether your dog is getting older and just starting to have shaking and tremors or is not moving around as well making travel uncomfortable due to pain, or you have a younger dog that suffers from anxiety during a loud experience or when you leave them alone; Try our all natural calming supplements for dogs and our CBD products to see if it can make a difference in your dog. It is widely accepted in showing success in old, and young dogs in helping relieve the causes of unwanted shaking, and tremors.

If you are still unsure about using CBD to help make your dogs travel experience more peaceful take a look at our full article about the benefits of CBD.