Tailgate Snacks for Your Dogs & Cats

Tailgate Snacks for Your Dogs & Cats

Puppy Bowl is on Animal Planet just before the Super Bowl on Sunday, February 12th! When the people are over and the food is plentiful, our pets want to be part of the fun, too!

So you and your fur children can celebrate together, here are some delicious, healthy, and safe snacks your fur baby can munch on while the humans have their Super Bowl-themed snacks:

Festive Foods for Both Dogs and Cats!

Bust out the veggie trays—minus the dipping sauces! Celery sticks and baby carrots are great snack options for dogs and cats alike, but of course, exercise moderation with this. FUN FACT:

It’s actually easier for cats and dogs to digest these foods when they’re cooked!

In very small quantities your dog or cat can eat…

  • Chicken wings but NOT the sauce, bones, fat, or skin. It must be plain and just be the inside of the wing.
  • Popcorn but with ZERO toppings on it—no salt or butter! (Don’t expect too much nutritional value from this one! It’s just for funsies.)

Stick to the Classics for Dogs:

  • Give your pooch food puzzles with healthy treats in them!
  • Put peanut butter in their kong (Try freezing it! It will last longer for them!)
  • You can even make homemade treats for dogs! Just be sure to check the ingredients.

A Cat Classic:

  • Sardines are great for special occasions!

Differences Between Dogs and Cats

Never assume that if something is good for a dog that it’s good for a cat and vice versa. Always do your research and check with your vet when looking to give snacks to your pet outside of their regular daily meal. For example, cooked eggplant in moderation is okay for dogs, but eggplant is TOXIC to cats! 

Also, keep in mind that cats are obligate carnivores and can’t handle grains and veggies as well as dogs can. Make sure their plant intake does not exceed 15% of their daily food intake.

If you want to err on the side of caution and keep the pet snacks completely separate from the human food, here are some fruits and veggies that are safe for dogs and cats, respectively:

Raw Fruits and Veggies Dogs Can Eat:

Apple slices




Honeydew Melon




Raw Fruits and Veggies Cats Can Eat:



Ripe Cantaloupe 

Ripe Watermelon 


Cooked Veggies Dogs Can Eat:






Green Beans


Cooked Veggies Cats Can Eat:

Broccoli Florets


Corn Kernels

Green Beans




Sweet potato


Don’t be a sucker!

Kitties and pups are just as social as humans, if not more, and will be looking for snaccidents at every corner this Super Bowl/Puppy Bowl Sunday! It’s important to know what dogs and cats can’t eat.

Educate your guests on these guidelines for the safety and health of your pet. (If your pet is a little nervous or too hyper around people, calm their nerves with CBD plus a supplement that supports the nervous system.)

Avocados are okay in moderation, but it’s best to just limit your pet’s access to it just in case so they don’t risk it. The same goes with cooked potatoes—and raw ones are out of the question!

Mlem in Moderation

If your kitty or pup happens to go a little overboard with the snacks (even the healthy ones!), be sure to keep this in mind when feeding for the rest of the day. Subtract that amount from their daily food. The snacks should not exceed 10% of your fur child’s calories for the day. If your pet eats a little too much, you can help get their digestion back on track with a good digestive supplement.