Liquid Supplements: Benefits & Why We 💙 Them

Liquid Supplements: Benefits & Why We 💙 Them

Liquid supplements are legit! Not only do cats and dogs dig them, but so do their parents! Liquid supplements make life easier for everyone involved. Not only are they convenient and cost-effective, but they are also a flexible choice for any health needs your fur baby may have.

Why are liquid supplements better than chews or treats?

It’s super tricky to find supplement chews and treats that aren't packed with useless fillers, which makes these kinds of supplements more foe than friend. Liquid supplements, on the other hand, are easy to administer, therefore not requiring any of the extra stuff you don’t need—and definitely don’t want—your beloved pet to ingest. CBD supplement treats for cats and dogs, for example, have all sorts of artificial flavors and junk with the aim of getting your pet to like the stuff. CBD needs no introduction when it’s in liquid form. Before your pet knows it, they’ve already licked it up!

Benefits of Liquid Supplements

Liquid hits the system faster than any food-like supplements, making the results almost instantaneous. Conditions like parasites require fast relief for your pet to be comfortable, and their dosing shouldn’t just depend on their mealtime or size. Severity and timing are other things to consider, so a liquid supplement is a purrfect choice for treating any health issue your dog or cat has—exactly when they have it and need treatment the most.

Customized for your cat or canine

Another great thing about liquid supplements is that you can mix and match depending on your pet’s needs. Again, liquid supplements are not food and there’s no junk involved, so they can be added upon (or easily subtracted) from your pet’s routine to fit their unique needs. This is especially beneficial for senior dogs who might be taking multiple supplements to target different aspects of a disease.

The herbal approach to treating Cushing’s disease, for example, is a regimen that balances the hormones, strengthens the immune system, and targets inflammation all at once, so liquid is the way to go to manage those symptoms long-term and for the affected dog to get the fast results they need.


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