Home Treatment for Nasal Congestion in Cats

Home Treatment for Nasal Congestion in Cats

Cat Nasal Congestion

Cats are like people in many ways. They can be playful, irritated or downright mean sometimes. That's why it is no surprise that cats can also suffer from nasal congestion from allergies or a simple cat cold. These symptoms tend to be caused by the same things that make people sick - irritants or pollutants. Cats can also have a bacterial infection that causes allergic symptoms, like human beings as well.

These symptoms can include sneezing, watery/itchy eyes, tiredness, and loss of appetite. When your sick cat is down with allergies or illness they tend to suffer for around 4 weeks. Luckily for your fur baby there are a number of home treatments for nasal congestion in cats.

We will examine a few of the most popular methods of treating cat cold symptoms in this article as they pertain to congestion (common with an upper respiratory infection).

Treating Your Cats Stuffy Nose At Home

1. Give Them Vitamins and Minerals

Feline bodies work in very similar ways to our own. If a cat has a deficiency in vitamins or minerals this can lead to allergic reactions and symptoms. One major cause of feline allergen/cold attacks is a dietary deficiency. 

A great way to boost your cats immune system is to supplement their diet with vitamins and minerals. You can add a respiratory supplement to their food in order to help make sure they are receiving the required nutrients. You can pick up specially blended cat vitamin supplements at your local pet store or online.

One such supplement is Prana Pets Sinus Support for Cats. This specialized supplement is crafted to alleviate your feline companion's sinus discomfort effectively. Packed with essential vitamins, minerals, and beneficial herbal ingredients, our Sinus Support offers holistic relief for your cat's nasal congestion symptoms. Say goodbye to the hassle of drastic dietary changes, as this supplement ensures your pet receives their daily recommended nutrients conveniently.

2. Using the Heater

While this may seem counter intuitive, activating your home heating system can do wonders for cat nasal congestion issues. As we all know, cats love heat. Being in a warm and calming environment will help put your cat at ease which may allow blood to flow to the nasal area - thus providing relief. You may notice some nasal discharge.

Prana Pets How To Treat Nasal Congestion in Cats at Home Infographic

3. Use Steam or a Vaporizer

Many humans reach for the humidifier or vaporizer when they are feeling the effects of congestion. Heated steam will also do wonders to help your cat overcome cat cold symptoms like congestion. If you have some mentholated vapor fluid that will work wonders. If you do not happen to have any on hand regular old water will do just fine. Simply set up the humidifier in the corner of a room where your cat spends a lot of time and watch the results unfold.

4. Encourage Your Cat to Eat and Drink

When feline nasal congestion is caused by sickness a good cat nasal decongestant is getting your cat to eat and drink. Oftentimes one symptom that comes along with a cold will be the loss of desire to hydrate and keep well fed. This means that your cat will not be getting all of the nutrients and fluids they need to not be congested. 

5. See an Expert

They say that the best remedy for nasal congestion is time. Nasal Congestion in cats tends to go away after a week or so- as long as the irritant (or irritants) are removed from the situation. You will also be looking at a similar timetable for a cold - 1 to 2 weeks.

However, if cat nasal congestion home treatment options do not work it is imperative that you see a specialist. Veterinarians can deduce whether your cat's nasal congestion is coming from an allergen or from another cause.

Respiratory Support for Cats


Sometimes there are irritants in your home that can make you and your cat sick- many people have found mold problems through their veterinarians- as crazy as that sounds.

When in doubt see an expert- while the reason for your cat's nasal congestion is likely benign it is better to be safe rather than sorry.