Why Your Dog's Gut Health is So Important

Why Your Dog's Gut Health is So Important

The gut is the second brain of your dog—it’s where they get their phenomenal intuition from! Health also emanates from the gut. This fact makes digestive help the foundation of a holistically healthy dog.

Dogs and puppies certainly need regular vet check-ups, but there’s a lot you can do at home to prevent disease. Complement your doggy’s routine with wholesome habits for a longer, healthier life.

First and foremost, you’ll want to give your pooch a gut-friendly diet. For healthy digestion, give your dog foods with primarily high meat protein and animal fat. Stick to grain-free foods. Grain serves no nutritional purpose for dogs and can actually make stomach issues worse. For this reason, it’s best to not let your dog clean up your food scraps if there’s bread involved; doing so can affect their digestion, weight, and life expectancy.

Chronic digestive issues typically stem from poor diet and a sedentary lifestyle. Be sure to feed your canine the right diet and encourage healthy movement daily.

The herbs in Prana Pets’ Good Digestion for Dogs are highly effective in treating any imbalances to get your pup started off on the right paw. It aids doggy digestion to the max with herbs that promote gut health. It also helps with nutrient absorption, appetite, digestive regularity, inflammation, gas, and bloating.

Take a “paws”

One way to know if your dog is having gut issues is to watch for symptoms like a grainy smell in the paws or your dog aggressively biting them. Your dog could have a weak gut microbiome, causing yeast in the paws to build up and become itchy.

To restore balance to your beloved pup’s gut, give them a digestive aid—plus an immunity booster to curb any inflammation and prevent infections. Prana Pets’ Digestive Immunity Regimen includes both the Good Digestion formula and Immunity Blend, a natural herbal remedy for helping dogs establish normal energy levels and immune function. It even nourishes the liver for detox support.

De-stress your dog

If your canine compulsively licks their paws or incessantly chews on objects, they might be struggling with anxiety. Digestive issues put unnecessary stress on a dog, which affects behavior and the health of the gut. If your dog’s stomach is upset, for instance, they are in pain and anxious about it, creating an all-encompassing problem for your pup.

Prana Pets’ Digestive Symptom Pack contains the Good Digestion for Dogs formula for diminishing inflammation specifically in the GI tract and promoting a healthy appetite. The CBD Oil for Dogs that comes with it helps sustain normal inflammatory responses in the rest of the body, which in turn soothes nausea, nervousness, seizures, and even skin and fur woes.

A relaxed—and regular!—pet is a happy one. As pup parents, we must take pride in our roles of ensuring the doggy channels are flowing properly. Enjoying life with your dog for as long as possible is the goal, and with this goal, any and all steps in the right direction definitely count.