Why Your Cat Needs Kidney Support

Why Your Cat Needs Kidney Support

Cats can live long lives, up to twenty years. This means that as they get older, they may develop long-term chronic conditions, like kidney disease. We’ll discuss why your cat needs kidney support, young or old.

Chronic Kidney Disease In Cats

Kidneys flush out toxins from the body. They also regulate the number of fluids, as well as an electrolyte balance. In addition, they help control blood pressure. Without properly functioning kidneys, a cat would eventually die since all essential functions would be affected.

Toxins are substances that can adversely affect living things, either by directly poisonous effects or by upsetting the organism’s normal processes. Cats are susceptible to toxins because their kidneys cannot clean them out of the body as quickly as the same organs do for people. That’s why pet owners have to take care in choosing houseplants they nurture, as well as specific cleaning chemicals.

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What Toxins Are Harmful To Cats?

Generally, do not allow your cat to have human food. Items like chocolate, which have methylxanthines and caffeine, are hazardous, while grapes and raisins can cause immediate kidney failure.

Renal Failure And Causes

Kidneys keep toxic substances out of the bloodstream by removing them in urine. When the kidneys don’t adequately regulate toxins and fluids, they can lead to cats’ chronic kidney disease. The side effects are weight loss, increased thirst and urination (peeing), lethargy, vomiting, and neurological problems.

“Renal failure” literally means chronic kidney disease in cats in which the kidneys stop working correctly. The faulty organ can no longer maintain fluid and electrolyte balance or remove toxins from the body.

Several factors can cause chronic kidney disease in cats. A cat could develop a minor infection, such as a UTI, that worsens over time. In other cases, a protein overload through regular ingestion of urate can also hurt the kidneys.

The most common food that can lead to chronic renal failure is dry kibble high in amino acids or purines. Amino acids are the building blocks for proteins. Purines are chemical compounds naturally present in the human body and in common food sources. They are found in animal tissues, such as the liver, kidneys, and muscles. Purines also occur naturally in plants where they form part of the nucleic acids RNA and DNA. Purine-rich food can cause chronic renal failure if it is eaten too often.

Cats have a natural intolerance for high amounts of vitamin A, as well as some antibiotics like aminoglycosides and gentamicin. Chronic renal failure can also develop in older cats that may be on chronic low-dose corticosteroid treatment.

Kidney Support For Cats

You can use Prana Pets Feline Kidney Support to make sure that your feline remains healthy. This herbal formula contributes to a healthy homeostasis by reducing inflammation and strengthening the urinary tract.

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Treat Your Older Cats With Prana Pets Supplements

When using kidney supplements for cats, Prana Pets wants to ensure that all cats and dogs have the chance to live as long as possible, with optimal comfort and health. We believe that a proper diet and turning to nature can reduce a dependency on medicines that may lose potency over time.

To find out more about treating affected cats, please reach out to us today. Prana Pets will answer all of your questions about the best diets and nutritional kidney  supplements for cats with chronic kidney disease.