Cat Has a Runny Nose? Here's What You Can Do

Cat Has a Runny Nose? Here's What You Can Do

What to Do if Your Cat Has a Runny Nose

Our beloved cats, like a human being, a cat has nasal congestion issues at times. If your cat has runny nose symptoms, the cat has nasal congestion issues. If your cat has runny nose, do you need to take your cat to the vet? Like their human caretakers, some symptoms can be minor and not require treatment. Today we will look at what to do if your cat has runny nose. 

Symptoms of Runny Nose and Congestion In Cats 

A cat that is suffering from nasal congestion will produce thick flowing drainage that will typically be clear with no apparent color. Nasal discharge can also so strains of blood or pus, with a red, and green color. Symptoms of a runny nose could include: * Sudden sneezing * Drainage and discharge from eyes * No appetite * Sudden Weight Loss  

Treatment for Cat Runny Nose 

Treatment for Cat runny nose will depend on what is causing the runny nose. Unfortunately, if a cat has an object that has gotten lodged in the cat's nasal airway, emergency surgery may be needed. 


A cat could be suffering from an infection, fungal or bacterial. Of course, like a child, the cat cannot administer the medicine to his or herself. Effective treatment depended on the caretaker's diligence to the vet's dosage and medication instructions.

Many people choose to use natural treatments instead of traditional meds. Prana Pets offers Sinus Support for Cats, which is a natural blend of herbs that work wonders to alleviate sinus issues in cats. Nasal congestion and a runny nose can be easily suppressed with an herbal supplement.

Determine The Cause of Your Cat's Runny Rose 

We have gone over what to do if your cat needs to go to your vet. An object lodged in the nasal airway, or a polyp in the nasal airway will warrant immediate surgery. Other issues that could affect nasal congestion could be cat flu. There is no medication to treat influenza in your cat.

However, keeping your cat hydrate by drinking plenty of water, and take a warm cloth and gently loosening the discharge flow will assist in their recovery time, and at the same time will improve the cat's breathing and overall comfort. Your cat not drinking hardly at all?

This tip is one of the great suggestions of what to do if your cat has a runny nose. Just fill an empty tuna can with water. Your cat will be attracted to the tuna smell and be drawn to drink more water! 

Allergens and Cats 

One of the most caused reasons for your cat having a runny nose is allergens. Our cats, like us, can be allergic to pollen, dust, and other environmental elements. Some of these can be temporary allergic reactions, and when the exposure to the allergic aspects leaves, the cat tends to recover. However, if symptoms continue, allergic testing by your vet may be needed. 

Heat and Cats

If your cat has a runny nose and has experienced a change in his indoor climate, the indoor conditions could be too warm for your cat. Try to lower the indoor temperature and see if the cat's clear discharge dispenses. If your cat's release has color or pus, this is a sign of infection and should be seen by the vet immediately. 

Natural Remedies for Allergens in Cats  

Cetirizine is known to be a natural treatment for allergic reactions in cats. A dose of 5mg of Cetirizine can be given to help alleviate the symptoms of a runny nose and sneezing in your cats. If these natural medicines do not help with cat's runny nose and sneezing, then allergic testing by your vets is advised.  

Stress and Cat's Runny Noses 

Cats are creatures of their dwellings. Remodeling or moving can take time for your cat to acclimate to their new surroundings. Unfortunately, the cat's viral system can be affected by stress, bringing on viral diseases. If your cat does not adjust fairly to his or new surroundings within a few weeks, the pressure could have carried on a viral infection, and a visit to the vet is in order. 


Your cat is more like their caretakers than you think. Keep care of your pets, and hopefully, this blog will help you! Just remember, your pets did ask to come into this world. If you are a caretaker of considering your cat a member of your family, hopefully, this blog will give of what to do if your cat has a runny nose.