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Treating Cancer in Dogs

Treating Cancer in Dogs



 What are some of the symptoms of cancer in dogs?

Many of the common signs of cancer include a lump, bump, unhealed wound, enlarged lymph nodes, abnormal/frequent bleeding, and bone inflammation.

What causes cancer in dogs?

Although the exact cause of cancer is unknown, research suggests that there are specific genetic components to the disease. Certain environmental factors may also encourage the onset of the disease.

What are some effective natural cancer treatments for dogs?

Natural supplements can be safe cancer treatments for dogs. Since many forms of dog cancer are caused by a weakened immune system, this type of treatment is designed to promote a natural and nutritious diet. Natural supplements have also been shown to slow cancer in dogs and help their immune system remain strong.

How can dog owners protect their pets from cancer?

  • Providing the right building blocks is essential; therefore, consider supplementing a dog’s diet with natural supplements.
  • When dog owners regularly massage and comb their pet, the dog’s energy flow and tissue regeneration are greatly improved.
  • Physical activity and fresh air is a great way to flush and purify a dog’s body.