Best Natural Probiotics for Dogs

Best Natural Probiotics for Dogs

Natural Probiotics for a Healthier Dog

Probiotics are natural bacteria that live in the digestive tract and help to maintain and regulate a variety of gastrointestinal issues. In today's world, many people are familiar with probiotics and how useful they are to humans.

What may be rather surprising, however, is just how effective such products can be for dog digestive health. Of course, in order to safely administer Probiotics, it is very important to have a general knowledge of how they work, and what kinds are the most successful.

With so many different options available, it may seem a little overwhelming when trying to decide what would be the best for your dog. For those who would prefer to go with natural probiotics for dogs rather than use a capsule form, the following is to make that decision just a little bit easier.

1. Raw Goats Milk

When you think of the words "organic" and "all natural," it doesn't get any more organic than milk. While cows milk may not be the best choice for dog digestive health, raw goats milk is quite the opposite. Being much easier to digest due to smaller fat particles as well as the fact that it contains less lactose than cows milk, this is a great option for natural probiotics for dogs.

The benefit of raw goats milk as a natural probiotic for dogs is that it introduces additional bacteria to your dog's digestive tract. These "good bacteria" assist not only with dog digestive health, but frequent ingestion can also help with joint pain and inflammation as well as allergy related itching.

2. Fermented Vegetables

Fermented vegetables are another great option when searching for the perfect natural probiotic for dogs. This choice is very easy for dogs to digest, as the fermentation process does some of the work for them.

Major benefits of giving your dog fermented vegetable include healthier digestion and better immune health, as 70 percent of dogs, natural immunity is based upon their gut. Given that much of the foods available today for dogs can severely impact the amount of flora, "good bacteria," located in their gut, it is all the more important to make additions to their diet to put some of those bacteria back.

3. Raw Green Tripe

Though perhaps not heard of as frequently as the items listed above, raw green tripe certainly has its benefits. Going with the easiest question first, what is raw green tripe? Green tripe is the raw stomach lining of a ruminant such as a cow.

Though it may seem that this would be difficult to come by, there are many places where it can be purchased including canned from most stores, and in certain kinds of treats. This is a valuable product when it comes to dogs digestive health as it adds those "good bacteria" back into the dogs gut.

Other benefits include the high Omega 3 content which helps promote skin health and brain development in young dogs. It also contains other nutrients such as calcium that is extremely beneficial to dogs.

4. Supplements 

An easy way to make sure your dog's digestive system is getting the nutrients and probiotics it needs is you use a supplement. Natural Dog Supplements, like our Good Digestion Formula, can be used alongside a healthy diet to maximize your dog's digestive health.

With so many choices available, the real deciding factor is you. What you choose for your dog's digestive health is your decision. Natural probiotics for dogs digestion is simply one of the most effective, natural, and healthy choices on the market today.