Tips for Keeping your Pets Warm in Cold Weather

Tips for Keeping your Pets Warm in Cold Weather
Animals with fur seem to have it all figured out when it comes to keeping warm. But let’s face it: our dogs and cats are basically big babies! They rely on us for pretty much everything. This winter season, it’s crucial for pet parents to make sure their fur kids are nice and snug!

How cold is too cold?

It’s safe to say that anything below 45°F (about 7°C) is unsafe. When it’s particularly crisp, pets shouldn’t be out too long or exposed to the outside air, especially those who are not used to the cold. 

Short-haired/hairless breeds and pets with arthritis can be especially vulnerable and need our help when temperatures start to drop. Dogs with joint and muscle issues can start to feel pain in the colder months. CBD Oil for dogs and cats can also help with the pain, and a joint and muscle supplement for dogs and cats can help their body’s resilience to cold weather.

How much coldness cats and dogs can take can be hard to measure since all pets are different. The best way to tell if your furry friend is cold is to watch their behavior. 

It’s important to actively look for signs that your pet is feeling nippy.

Signs your pet is feeling the brrr 

  • Shivering
  • Avoiding cold tiles
  • Clinging to carpets
  • Cuddling under the covers
  • Hanging out next to heaters


If your pet is paws-itively chilly:

  • Lay down thick rugs.
  • Place their bed off of the ground.
  • Make snuggly nooks obvious and accessible.
  • Make sure your pet is not exposed to drafts.
  • Give your pup or kitty a padded, insulated, or heated bed.
  • Leave lots of blankets lying around their favorite nooks.


Use portable heaters or fires to keep your pet warm, but make sure they’re a reasonable distance away to avoid skin dryness or burns. Be sure to still groom your pet in the winter to keep their skin healthy as it may become dry. If your pet has particularly dry skin, oral and/or topical CBD oil for dogs and cats is great for relief.


Dress your pet in coats or jumpers. Just make sure there’s enough breathing room and that nothing hangs off of the clothing that could be a choking hazard. Make sure they are warm if/when they have to go outside. Use booties, sweaters, and blankets over and in their kennel when traveling. Keep indoor kennels warm, too!

Our kitties and pups are completely dependent on how much we know and do as pet parents. They love us so much that snuggling is usually an everyday thing, but if they’re snugglier than usual, be sure to return the love. Set up their environment just right so they can help themselves to some warm spaces and situations when you aren’t around. Your pet will thank you when you get home with the extra snuggs that simply mean they love you.

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