Symptoms of Bladder Infections In Dogs

Symptoms of Bladder Infections In Dogs

What is a Bladder Infection?

No pet wants to experience the discomfort of a bladder infection. Not only is it extremely uncomfortable, it can make its owner's life more inconvenient. Canine bladder infections happen when bacteria get caught in the bladder.

As the bacteria travel through the urethra, it creates a breeding ground for the infection. The bacteria might also come from the rectum, which is even more problematic. Thankfully, there are ways to remedy this issue. 

What Causes Bladder Infections in Dogs?

There are numerous factors that can cause a dog to experience the pain and discomfort of canine bladder infections. If the dog has cancer, prostate disease or trauma, this could lead to a bladder infection. If the dog is stressed, has a spinal cord abnormality or has experienced the build-up of debris in the bladder, this can result in a bladder infection.

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Other factors include incontinence from a weak bladder or too much water, bladder inflammation and a congenital abnormality. There are quite a few factors to eliminate in order to get to the root cause. 

Symptoms of Bladder Infection in Dogs

There are many symptoms to look out for however the most common signs of bladder infections in dogs include:

  • Pain or difficulties urinating
  • Blood in urine
  • Urinating very small amounts but frequently

Pay attention to the next time your dog communicates their need to go to the bathroom. If you take them outside and the urine is a lot less than usual, this can be a sign of a bladder infection. If they cry while they're trying to release, they're in pain and need to see a medical professional urgently. Weight loss, vomiting and fevers are other symptoms of bladder infections in dogs. 

How to Treat Your Dogs Bladder Infection

When it's time to approach the treatment options, it's always wise to see a medical professional. Make sure the bladder infection isn't a symptom of something else that's even more serious like cancer. While they're experiencing the terrible pain, there are homeopathic options to help bring relief.

Use Prana Pet's Dog UTI homeopathic remedy for dogs and cats. It brings relief to a pet in pain. It makes the process of urinating a lot easier. As pets experience bladder infections, they tend to need to urinate on a more frequent basis. This formula helps to resolve that problem and helps pets urinate when it's necessary.