Natural Treatment Methods for Canine Hookworms

Natural Treatment Methods for Canine Hookworms

Considering Natural Treatments for Canine Hookworms?

A problem present in many canines, especially in warmer climates, is hookworms. Hookworms are small parasites that get into the intestinal tract and cause damage to their host. They are thin parasites with a method of latching on to the intestinal walls and living off the host's blood for survival.

Signs of hookworms include anemia, pale gums, hair loss, vomiting and diarrhea, and lethargy. Especially look for these signs in puppies, since puppies are more susceptible to the parasite. Always consider natural treatment for parasites in dogs before exploring prescription options.

Contemplating the Importance of Treating for Hookworms 

It is important to treat hookworms immediately because they cause serious health defects. They are little blood-suckers, so they can cause anemia and stunt a puppies growth. If left untreated, small issues turn into major health problems and even death. It is important to remove the worms to keep the parasites from migrating. Hookworm larvae migrate from one canine to another through feces. 

Looking at Conventional Treatments for Hookworms 

Conventional treatment for canine hookworm includes prescriptions from the veterinarian. Conventional medications are highly effective and should be discussed with the dog's veterinarian. Even natural treatments should be discussed with the veterinarian, because it is important to eliminate the parasite from the canine, altogether. 

Discovering Natural Treatments for Hookworms 

Pumpkin Seeds are a useful canine hookworm natural treatment. The pumpkin seeds are ground to a fine powder and added to the dog's food, with every meal. The ground pumpkin seeds rough up the worms and cause them to detach from the intestinal walls which makes it possible to pass them through and out of the bowels. 

Food grade Diatomaceous Earth (DE) is a fine powder made from ancient crustaceans called diatoms. It is added to the dog's food at every meal. DE has sharp edges that cut an dry up the parasites. It is an effective canine hookworm natural treatment or preventative measure against parasites. It makes a suitable flea powder before baths, to kill and deter fleas. Fleas can be a cause of hookworms, so it is important to keep dogs flea-free. 

Another great way to treat your dog is by using an all natural supplement that will expel the parasites. Prana Pets offers the Parasite Free Formula and it works wonders. Using a supplement works great because you get several ingredients, not just one, and it is very easy to administer at once. It can be used not only to naturally treat hookworms in your dog but also as a preventative measure against parasites in the future. 

Parasite Free Formula has been specially formulated to safely and effectively eliminate intestinal worms in dogs and other parasites, without harsh or dangerous chemicals. The ratio, balance, and dosage of herbs blended together in Parasite Free Formula serve to relieve symptoms of infestation, kill parasites at all stages and stimulate the systemic cleansing and elimination of parasites from the digestive tract. 

Many of the herbs in Parasite Free Formula have been used extensively in Eastern and Western herbalism, with records stretching as far back as 2,000 years ago in China, India, and Europe.

Pumpkin seeds and DE are great natural treatments for hookworms in canines, but there are other treatments helpful with the healing process. Turmeric is a spice with inflammatory properties. Sprinkle turmeric onto the dog's food to help reduce inflammation caused by the worms latching onto the intestinal walls; it also helps keep them from latching back on. 

Parsley water is another treatment for reducing symptoms associated with hookworms. It acts as an inflammatory and offers good nutritional benefits. Parsley detoxifies the body; it helps remove toxins that worms leave behind.


CBD for Pets also works tremendously as an anti-inflammatory contains anti-inflammatory properties and antioxidants that fight inflammation. It can heal damage caused to the intestinal tract by a parasite infestation. CBD is excellent at aiding the liver in processing toxins. You can mix CBD with your dog's food. 


Natural Treatment for Hookworms in Dogs


Not only is it important to treat canines for hookworms immediately, it is important to implement preventative measures. Adding carrots to the diet is a preventative measure against hookworms and other parasites. Carrots naturally clean out the intestines as they progress through the digestive tract, pushing out juvenile parasites and parasite larvae in the process. 

Another natural preventative measure is hygiene. Prevent the canine from eating food from unknown sources. Prevent them from eating feces, and keep feces cleaned up at all times, especially in warmer climates. Keep them free from fleas, because fleas carry larvae from host to host. 

As mentioned before, the importance of discussing treatment for canine hookworm with the dog's veterinarian cannot be stressed enough. Hookworms, similar to heartworms, are treated effectively with conventional and natural methods. The veterinarian can discuss the pros an cons of each method with the owner. Only the owner can make the right decision for the infected canine after thoroughly understanding the benefits offered by each method. Taking preventative measures to keep hookworms away is the wisest route to ensure dogs are not infected.