Urinary tract infection causes the bladder wall to thicken. This thickening results in blood in the cat's urine. A good diet with plenty of protein is essential as a preventive treatment. A virus will sometimes affect the bladder. When this happens the cat's auto-immune system goes into overdrive. As a result of this overactivity of the cat's immune system, the cat's bladder lining is thickened. Like humans, the cat's reactions to stress can affect good bladder function. Cats on a diet of dry cat food can be affected. Urinary tract infections occur more frequently in cats that are overweight and cats that are approaching their middle years. Cats who use a litter box seem to have more urinary tract infections. Cats can get urinary tract infections from bacterial issues. However, that only accounts for less than 3% of cat's urinary tract infections.

Knowing the signs of urinary tract infection will help the cat's human owners immensely. The use of these home treatments should help in your cat's urinary tract infections. Use of these home remedies will not harm your cat and are good preventive measures you can use to ward off any potential urinary tract infections. If these remedies do not work, contact your veterans as soon as possible. Bacterial infections can occur but this accounts for less than 5% of causes for urinary tract infection in your cat.