It's Happy, Healthy Cat Month!

It's Happy, Healthy Cat Month!

Cat parents sure love their kitties, but they may not always know what they need. Luckily, just a little awareness can go a long way when it comes to ensuring your cat lives well. Once you understand the foundations of your fur kid’s health, keeping them happy and healthy will be child’s play.

Spend some time getting these 3 areas of cat health squared away to give your cat the care they deserve:

Cat games

  • Cats are curious creatures. They must get their energy out and their minds going. Exercise helps keep cats’ weight down and prevents depression. All it takes is 15 minutes daily, which should be gradually worked up to. Cats “get the zoomies” during the late evening and early morning, making them peak play times.
  • Give treats sparingly, and feed your cat a set amount at the same time every day. Allowing cats to graze all day—especially dry food—can lead to weight gain, which can cause diabetes and put strain on the joints. If your kitty is overweight and needs extra support in their joints, they may benefit from taking Prana Pets Joint & Muscle Supplement for Cats, an herbal supplement that enhances mobility, range of motion, and a healthy inflammatory response in the joints.

    The right food

    • Cats are carnivores. They must eat food that is high in protein, nutrients, and moisture. Wet food is almost exclusively water, while kibble has only between 5 and 10 percent.
    • If the label says “for all life stages,” run the other way! Nutritional needs vary based on your fur baby’s age.
    • Cats’ bodies can’t handle carbs—at least not for long. Senior cats especially need high-protein foods rich in moisture to help reinforce their kidneys, which can become taxed by the fillers in dry kibble. If your kitty is used to dry food, it might help for them to take Prana Pets Kidney Health Support for Cats to help prevent renal issues caused by the grains in their food. This herbal supplement pairs well with Prana Pets Liver Function Support For Cats to support optimal elimination of toxins.

        Urinary health

        • Cats don’t naturally seek water as often as dogs do, so they get most of their hydration from food. Provide your cat with plenty of fresh water.
        • You need one litter box per cat plus an extra one—and be sure to scoop litter daily! Make sure each litter box is somewhere peaceful and accessible.
        • If your cat pees outside of the box, get them checked for a UTI or other illness. If your cat is exhibiting symptoms of a UTI, you can give them a formula called Prana Pets Urinary Tract Support for Cats to relieve discomfort and promote healing within the urinary tract.

            If you’re lucky enough to be owned by a feline, you know what a pleasure it is to serve them. Their wet kisses, warm snuggles, and peculiar antics make the time it takes to get to know them and care for them utterly worthwhile.