Does My Dog Have A Sinus Infection?

Does My Dog Have A Sinus Infection?

Sinus infection in dogs is a viral inflammation of the nasal passages. It causes swelling, mucus discharge, and debilitating congestion. In addition, sinus infections are contagious, and your dog needs to stay away from other canines for at least two weeks. For that reason, you want to determine, “Does my dog have a sinus infection?” to determine the best course of action.

Dog Sinus Infection Symptoms

Pet owners should keep an eye out for these signs: sneezing, runny nose with mucus discharge, facial pain or discomfort when exposed to cold air or drafts, difficulty breathing through the nose, ear infection, yellow-green dog eye discharge, and congestion coughing.

The condition may also have other complications like fever, lack of appetite, or depression. Your dog may have changes in mood and behavior because of the pain it’s experiencing. For the same reason, you may see a loss of appetite and seizures or convulsions in the worst-case scenarios.

Rhinitis and Sinusitis In Dogs

Rhinitis is an inflammation of the dog’s nasal passages. Several factors like allergies, trauma, anemia, or environmental irritants may cause it. You can’t control allergies, but you can minimize environmental irritants or treat anemia.

The inflammation might look like congestion with an enlarged, itchy nose. Symptoms related to sinusitis include increased breathing problems (increased frequency of panting), foamy drool coming out of the mouth even if your dog is not infected with the canine influenza virus.

If your pet only has rhinitis, he or she will recover within 24 hours without any treatment at home; a fever can last for up to 10 days. Dog sinusitis, on the other hand, is much harder to diagnose because there are no dog sinusitis tests.

What Causes Sinusitis In Dogs?

Sinuses are connected to the nose through small openings called Ostia. When bacteria or viruses enter these passages they start an inflammatory reaction inside this area which leads to rhinitis and sinusitis symptoms in dogs.

The dog’s immune system will react to the infection by releasing cytokines. These chemicals cause inflammation and pain in the nose and sinuses. This reaction can result in thick mucus production and the dog’s nose becomes intensely itchy.

Dog sinusitis is a viral infection that cannot be treated with antibiotics. In most cases, dogs will recover from such a cold in 7-10 days without any treatment. But if your dog is suffering from dog sinusitis for more than ten days, get dog decongestants or nasal spray.

Anti-Inflammatory Remedies And Supplements

Prana Pets has a Sinus Support supplement that can help treat Sinus infections in dogs. It’s designed to treat mucus blockages in breathing pathways, sinus-induced headaches, and chronic sneezing. Even better, Sinu-Help can address allergy-induced sinusitis, which many prescribed antibiotics cannot handle.

sinus support for dogs

In addition, these remedies can help ease any discomfort when symptoms persist:

Use dog decongestants and dog nasal sprays. Pet owners can buy nasal sprays over-the-counter or receive prescription options.

Introduce warm, moist air from a shower, humidifier or a steamer. Warm, well-hydrated air will break up mucus buildup. A humidifier — do not use any essential oils– can provide necessary steam.

Give the dog some pain relief medication. We only recommend this method if symptoms have persisted and your dog has dental illnesses exacerbating the condition. As for a prescription, if the teeth’ cavities become inflamed. Only use medication approved for dogs.

Elevate the dog’s head with a small pillow or towel so that it can breathe more easily. You want to do all you can to provide elevation, especially in breeds that have genetic issues. Create a resting space for them that encourages them to lift their head.

Treat Symptoms In Dogs Or Cats With Supplements From Prana Pets

Prana Pets is more than ready to relieve your pet’s discomfort with our supplements. We believe that herbal formulas can assist with chronic sinus conditions and other long-term illnesses.

To find out more about treating viral infections, please reach out to us today. When your pet has the symptoms of sinusitis, Prana Pets has the supplement to help with coughing or gagging.