Disease Prevention is Key for Happy, Healthy Pets

Disease Prevention is Key for Happy, Healthy Pets

Our pets are our pride and joy. We want to see them thrive and, of course, live as long as they possibly can. 

Today’s world is filled with endless information as to how to improve the quality of life of our pets. It can be tricky to navigate all of the things we should be doing. A balanced approach to disease prevention is best if we want to cover all facets of our furry friend’s health.

Pet wellness starts within. We must supplement preventative medicine with healthy habits in the home. 

Daily exercise is a must.

The most common disease that veterinarians encounter is obesity. Pet parents must enforce physical activity in their fur kids’ routines. This doesn’t just mean putting them out in the front yard. We must actively pursue and push our pets to exercise more. Get a little creative and get your pet moving!

Make sure your pet is eating the right diet for their species and age, getting all their vitamins and minerals, and eating proper portions.

Prevention is key. 

The next most common diseases in pets are related to typical aging changes. 

It’s important for pet parents to ask vets for basic preventative blood work. Kidney disease, for example, if caught early, can be minimized and managed. 

The problem with the vet is that they might prescribe drugs with harmful side effects. It’s imperative that pet parents seek natural remedies to their pets’ body woes after receiving the information they need from the vet.

If your pet is prone to dehydration, eats dry food, or is a senior, they may benefit from Prana Pets Kidney Support. Taken with our Liver Support supplement, these two remedies help to prevent kidney disease and support a healthy detoxification system.

Proper release of toxins is key when it comes to your pet’s well-being and comfort. If your dog or cat is urinating too frequently or crying when they pee, it could be a UTI. Blood in the urine is another symptom, as well as cats peeing outside of their litter box. Prana Pets Urinary Tract Health Supplement for Dogs and Cats helps ease the pain of infection by healing and nourishing the urinary tract.

Keep things stress-free.

For both dogs and cats, encounters with other animals, new humans, and unfamiliar places can cause their cortisol to spike. 

A natural approach to easing stress is to give your pets the CBD Immunity Regimen. It includes CBD Oil for Dogs and Cats to ease the nervous system, and Immunity Support for Dogs and Cats, which will strengthen the immune system to prevent diseases that are brought on by stress.

The vitality of our pets is in our hands now more than ever. Using today’s medical advancements alongside healthy lifestyle changes is the recipe for a relationship with your fur baby that will last well into their golden years. Knowledge is power—and so is plant medicine.