CBD Oil for Healthy Skin and Coat

CBD Oil for Healthy Skin and Coat

If your dog or cat has skin issues, you’ve probably tried all sorts of topical remedies. Perhaps you aren’t sure of the best approach to take for your fur child to be comfortable and happy in their own skin and coat. You want them to heal while going about their daily activities without missing a beat. But did you ever consider healing the condition from the inside out? 

Benefits of CBD Oil for Pets

Believe it or not, CBD can be used as a natural remedy for your pet’s skin issues when taken orally.

The benefits of CBD oil for cats and dogs, in general, seem endless. CBD reduces anxiety, restores healthy sleep, can relieve pain and inflammation, may help lessen nausea, promotes a healthy appetite, can help with neurological and brain health, aids the nervous system, and promotes a healthy emotional balance.

Most people don’t know that consistent CBD oil use can also improve the general health of your pet's skin and fur. Cats’ and dogs’ immune systems react to allergies, infections, and viruses with inflammation. This results in a higher chance of illness and injury. CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties are vital to the long-term treatment of skin irritation and diseases in cats and dogs. 

CBD Oil for Dogs Prana Pets Blog Article

The most common form of CBD is oil. CBD oil can be dropped directly into the mouth, placed on the paw to be licked, or given at mealtime with food or a treat.

Prana Pets CBD Oil for Pets is a natural and certified organic CBD supplement for pets of all ages. Give your pet Prana Pets CBD Oil for Pets two to three times daily for optimal results. The weight of your pet should be considered when determining what strength of CBD to get, which is measured in milligrams.

CBD Strengths by Weight

For cats, you will probably want to try the 350 mg strength as it is perfect for the weight of the vast majority of cats. This one is also great for dogs under 40 lbs. 

For dogs between 40 - 84.99 lbs, 500 mg is the best starting point. You’ll want to get the 1000 mg if your dog is 85 lbs or over. 

Other Ways to Administer CBD Oil for Dogs and Cats

This phenomenal stuff can also be massaged into the ear skin for optimal absorption—or even used straight on a pet’s hot spots.

CBD oil can be applied to the areas your pet is scratching or biting. CBD binds to receptors in the area of inflammation and aids recovery. Skin absorption is actually more immediate than when it enters the bloodstream upon entering the mouth. CBD has antioxidants, making it an excellent coat and skin conditioner. 

CBD oil is very nourishing for fur and skin and creates a relaxing effect when used topically, so feel free to brush and groom your furry friend with it. Your kitty or pooch will thank you! And they’ll be super relaxed too—something all pet owners love to see.