Best Adult Roundworm Treatment for Pets


How To Treat Adult Roundworm In Pets. Dogs and cats of all ages can commonly become infected with harmful parasites. Learn how to identify, treat, and prevent adult roundworms in pets.

Best Adult Roundworm Treatment for Pets


How To Treat Adult Roundworm In Pets

Dogs and cats of all ages can commonly become infected with harmful parasites. Once infected, they can easily be transmitted to humans including children. You, your children and your pets can become seriously ill from a roundworm infection. Roundworms in dogs can grow up to 7 inches in length. If your pet is pregnant, they can pass parasites to their babies in utero or through milk while nursing. 

Adult roundworm in pets will lay eggs and reproduce. When your pet passes its feces, it contaminates the soil and develops into the infective stage. This can cause other pets to become infected if they sniff, lick the ground, or eat the grass outside. Once ingested, the eggs will begin to hatch in your pet's digestive tract. They can then spread to the lungs and liver. 

Children are at the most risk of infection because they frequent backyards, playground, and beaches. It's more likely that a child will play with or eat contaminated dirt and grass.

Signs of a Roundworm Infection in Pets

Contact your veterinarian if your pet is showing these possible signs of adult roundworm infection: 

* Diarrhea
* Vomiting
* Coughing
* Failure to gain weight
* Dull, lackluster coat

Veterinarians will be able to diagnose a parasite infection by examining your pet's fecal matter. 

It's good practice to have your pets tested for parasite infection every year. Most veterinarians will recommend that you give them monthly heartworm medicine as well. If you have puppies or kittens, you should consider getting them dewormed even if their fecal test comes back negative. One round of medication will only kill adult worms.

Therefore, your veterinarian will most likely recommend at least two rounds of treatment. One alternative to prescription meds is our Parasite Free Formula, a natural dewormer for dogs and cats which will rid your pet of any roundworms present. Once the treatment has concluded it is recommended that you continue to administer the product as a preventative measure.

There are other forms of adult roundworm treatment for pets. Your pet will probably be malnourished due to the infection, so a nutritious diet is essential. They will need to replenish the nutrients lost through good-quality meat, eggs, and fat. A natural way to add fat to their diet is to mix a tablespoon of coconut oil or olive oil to their food. If your dog became anemic due to the infection, feed them foods that are rich in iron under the guidance of your veterinarian. You may still need to use supplements to help your pet properly digest their food. 

With monthly preventative care, canine intestinal worms and other parasites can be prevented. You should remove feces and dispose of them immediately after your pet has gone to the bathroom. Walk your dog on a leash to prevent them from eating infected feces or dead rodents. If you have cats, try to keep them indoors if possible. Multiple cats usually share litterboxes, so new cats should be tested for parasites before bringing them into your home. When in doubt, your veterinarian will always know the best way you can protect your pet from this potentially deadly infection. No parasite medication is 100% effective, therefore, annual fecal exams are recommended.