Liver Function Support 3 Bottle Bundle- (3 bottles for the price of 2) - Homeopathic Formula

Liver Function Support 3 Bottle Bundle- (3 bottles for the price of 2) - Homeopathic Formula has a rating of 4.7 stars based on 16 reviews.
Liver Function Support 3 Bottle Bundle- (3 bottles for the price of 2) - Homeopathic Formula
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Homeopathic formula to promote the healthy, balanced function of the liver and gallbladder.


  • Promotes healthy, balanced liver function
  • Addresses sluggish or slow liver function
  • Relieves abdominal pain and swelling
  • Eases indigestion arising from rich or fatty foods
  • Reduces inflammation in the liver and gallbladder


  • My Vet could not believe the improvement in my dog's liver function. Thank you Prana Pets **

    - Diego, Durango, CO




Liver Function Support is a 100% homeopathic formula that soothes symptoms of liver dysfunction such as abdominal pain, swelling and sluggish digestion.  The homeopathic remedies present in Liver Function Support were traditionally used in cases of liver dysfunction, liver enlargement or inflammation, gallbladder dysfunction and jaundice.  When the liver appeared to be obstructed or sluggish, homeopathic doctors would administer the remedies found in Liver Function Support for safe, gentle and lasting support.


Like all Prana Pets formulas, Liver Function Support gently and safely relieves symptoms without side effects or dangerous health risks, even with long-term use.  The homeopathic remedies found in Liver Function Support work with the body to promote health and are considered safe for animals of all ages.  Liver Function Support does not interact negatively with other medications or supplements.


Healthy, balanced liver function is absolutely essential to overall health.  According to the ancient healing traditions of China and India, ensuring the healthy function of the liver is key in supporting optimal digestion, clear skin, normal eyesight, peak immunity and longevity.  Poor or weak liver function leads to many other health issues—manifesting symptoms such as weakness, elevated liver enzymes, poor digestion and low energy levels over time.


Liver Function Support contains a proprietary blend of the following homeopathic remedies in a therapeutic dosage:


Boldo 4X is used to relieve burning weight in region of the liver, abscess of liver


Carduus Marianus 4X is used to relieve symptoms of liver dysfunction and disease, including swelling, pain and tenderness of the liver, and gall bladder inflammation


Chelidonium 4X is used to relieve symptoms of liver dysfunction, such as swelling, pain and abdominal tension


Cynara Scolymus 4X is used for liver and gallbladder problems such as congestion, enlargement or pain


Kali Muriaticum 12X is used to relieve abdominal tenderness, swelling and indigestion arising from fatty or rich foods


Taraxacum Officinale 4X is used to relieve symptoms of liver obstruction, liver enlargement and swelling and abdominal pain


Inactive ingredients: Purified Water, USP Cane Ethanol alcohol 15%, USP Glycerin.



Administer drops directly into mouth, or dilute with water and administer via syringe directly 

into mouth.  Drops may also be added to a small amount of wet food or water, as long as entire dose is consumed consistently.


Use 3 – 5 times daily.


  • Cats and dogs under 20 lbs: 10 drops.
  • Dogs 20-50 lbs: 15 drops.
  • Dogs over 50 lbs: 20 drops

In acute cases, one dose every 15 minutes up to 6 doses may be administered for symptomatic relief.  Repeat as needed for prevention.

Product size: 2 FL OZ (59mL), Minimum 2000 drops

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