Bully Sticks

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Bully Sticks
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Why Bully sticks are the #1 chew for dogs
  • According to veterinary dentists, the only way to provide proper dental health is by brushing a dog’s teeth or taking them to the veterinarian for dental prophy (cleaning). All those so-called dental chews, dental toys and kibble do relatively nothing to clean a dog’s teeth! A bully stick is another effective way to clean a dog’s teeth because it requires some tough chewing which massages the gums and cleans the teeth.  
  • Natural Bully Sticks for Dogs are regulated by the USDA to ensure they’re made from all-natural ingredients and free of pesticides, dyes and chemicals. Bully sticks are made from 100% meat.
  • Bully sticks are much safer than rawhide. Rawhide typically uses a bleaching process and it is not digestible and can cause obstructions in the stomach while bully sticks are 100% digestible.
  • Beef is very healthy for dogs and a good source of amino acids, magnesium and calcium for skin and coat, muscle and brain health.


  • Bully sticks are a safe treat and will not splinter like marrow bones.
  • Chewing is a very important part of dogs being. For puppies and young dogs chewing is a way to relieve pain caused by incoming teeth. For adult dog’s bully sticks are nature’s way of keeping their teeth clean, jaws strong and provides chewing that is a necessary instinct. Dogs that are not provided with proper outlets for chewing can become destructive with household items.
  • Natural Bully sticks next to beef bones are the #1 treat when it comes to taste. It’s not an issue getting your dog to chew on one, but it can be an issue taking it away. Dogs just love them!

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