Intestinal Worms in Cats

cat worm parasites

Intestinal Worms and Parasites
in Cats

Cats can get a variety of intestinal parasites, including some that are commonly referred to as “worms.” Infestations of intestinal worms can cause a variety of symptoms. Sometimes cats demonstrate few to no signs of infection, and the infestation can go undetected despite being a potentially serious health problem. Some feline parasitic worms are hazards for humane health as well.

One of the main ways that cats get worms is through the ingestion of the feces of infected felines. Mother cats can also pass on worms to their kittens.

How Will I Know
If My Cat Has Worms?


The silent nature of parasites

Many common intestinal parasites have adapted so well to their hosts (your cat), that they are living in balance and cause no visible health issues. But that can always change. It is when the parasites become too numerous that your pet’s health is affected. Because of their silent stealthy nature, the best approach is to try to keep your cat completely free of them before the balance becomes disturbed.


Poor Growth and Lack of Energy in Kittens

The most common early signs of intestinal parasites in kittens are poor growth, dull hair coat, scrawniness, lack of playful energy and diarrhea. Many of these kittens have bony bodies but potbellied, big tummies. Many are anemic.


Brittle Hair Coat

The most common signs in older cats are lack luster, brittle hair coat, boniness, listlessness and diarrhea. Some of these older cats become picky eaters, in some, the opposite occurs – they are ravenous and some show no changes in appetite at all. In adult cats with parasite problems, multiple health issues are common. Poor sanitation that leads to parasite overload also increases their risk of exposure to other diseases and because their parasite burden lessens their resistance to other diseases.

What Can I Do
to Prevent Parasites
in My Cat?

Parasite reinfections are very common, but can be prevented. Parasite control begins with good sanitation procedures, including daily removal of feces, washing the litter box with a disinfectant on a regular basis, avoiding overcrowded conditions, avoiding diets with raw meats, and controlling intermediate hosts (fleas, ticks, and rodents). Good parasite control is the key to a healthier cat.
Parasite Free Formula

Customer Reviews


After using Parasite Free Formula for one month, my cat started to put on some weight and she no longer suffered with diarrhea.- Michael, Austin, TX


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Parasite Free Formula – Worm Treatment in Cats and Dogs


Herbal remedy to assist the body in naturally expelling intestinal worms and parasites

  • Aids the body in expelling intestinal worms and parasites
  • Effective against parasites in larval and adult stages
  • Relieves common symptoms of infestation such as gas, nausea, bloating, frequent diarrhea and sluggish digestion
  • Stimulates healthy digestion and the production of bile
  • Provides gentle and effective support in cleansing protocols


  • After using Parasite Free Formula for one month, my dog started to put on some weight and she no longer suffered with diarrhea. **

    - Michael, Austin, TX

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Product Description

Parasite Free Formula is a 100% natural formula containing a premium blend of herbs to help the body expel intestinal worms and parasites in dogs and cats, safely and effectively without hazardous side effects.  Simply mixing the herbs in

Parasite Free Formula with food on a daily basis for three weeks can provide the body with the extra support it needs to eliminate and overcome a parasitic infestation.

Parasite Free Formula has been specially formulated to safely and effectively eliminate intestinal worms and other parasites, without harsh or dangerous chemicals. The ratio, balance and dosage of herbs blended together in Parasite Free Formula serves to relieve symptoms of infestation, kill parasites at all stages and stimulate the systemic cleansing and elimination of parasites from the digestive tract.  Many of the herbs in Parasite Free Formula have been used extensively in Eastern and Western herbalism, with records stretching as far back as 2,000 years ago in China, India and Europe.

A healthy, well-functioning digestive tract is designed to withstand exposure to intestinal parasites and worms, eliminating them without significant problems.  The immune system quickly identifies foreign invaders and the intestines automatically flush out worms or other parasites encountered in daily life.  Unfortunately, when digestive and immune function become compromised or weak, parasites tend to take hold and manifest a wide variety of health issues.  Common symptoms of parasitic infestation are chronic diarrhea, gas and bloating, poor appetite, low energy, weight loss and weak digestion.  The presence of worms or eggs in the stool of infested animals is another common sign of parasites.  While many chemical approaches to intestinal worms do exist, many people choose to use a natural alternative whenever possible.

*These statements have not been evaluated by Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. The information on this page is designed for educational purposes only. It is not intended to be a substitute for informed medical advice or care. Do not this information to diagnose or treat any health problems or illnesses


Parasite Free Formula contains a proprietary blend of the following herbs in a therapeutic dosage:

Anise (Pimpinella anisum) has been used since ancient times as a culinary and medicinal herb throughout the Mediterranean region.  The oils found in Anise are toxic and repellent to parasites and intestinal worms.

Black Walnut (Juglans nigra) is a powerful vermifuge, which refers to its ability to kill parasites and intestinal worms.  Black Walnut contains naturally-occurring iodine, astringent tannins and other compounds known to be effective in eliminating parasites.

Buckthorn Bark (Rhamnus frangula) is a bitter herb used to help the body expel intestinal worms and parasites.  Buckthorn also helps to relieve accompanying stomach gas, constipation and sluggish digestion.

Cloves (Syzygium aromaticum) contain essential oils, volatile oils, tannins and other compounds that have been used to assist the body in expelling parasites.  The use of Cloves dates back to 300 BC in China, and the 4th century in Europe.  Cloves are effective against intestinal worms and help to relieve nausea, diarrhea, gas, and other accompanying symptoms of indigestion.

Herb of Grace (Ruta graveolens) is an evergreen shrub possessing aromatic flowers and leaves.  Herb of Grace, also called Meadow Rue, is used extensively in Traditional Chinese Medicine to eliminate intestinal worms.  Herb of Grace also relieves gas and helps to stimulate digestion.

Neem (Azadirachta indica) has been used for millennia, with records of cultivation dating back to 1500 BC in India.  While Neem was used most extensively in the Ayurvedic tradition of medicine, this herb continues to be used today for its many medicinal properties.  Neem is effective against intestinal worms and parasites.

Pumpkin Seed (Cucurbita pepo) is traditionally used as an anthelmintic, or a substance that aids the body in eliminating intestinal parasites.  Compounds called cucurbitins found in Pumpkin seeds are thought to paralyze intestinal worms, thus allow the body to expel them quickly.

Wormwood (Artemisia absinthium) is a bitter herb which promotes the flow of bile, thus stimulating digestion.  Wormwood also possesses powerful anti-parasitic properties, aiding the body in expelling intestinal worms and parasites.  Wormwood is thought to kill parasites in the larval stage, unlike other similar herbs.


Inactive ingredients are Purified Water, USP Cane Ethanol Alcohol 20%, USP Vegetable Glycerin.


Use 2-3 times daily.  Drops may be administered directly into the mouth, or mixed with food.  Continue for approximately 3 weeks. Repeat when necessary.

  • Cats and dogs under 20 lbs: 2-4 drops
  • Dogs 20-50 lbs: 5-7 drops
  • Dogs over 50 lbs: 8-10 drops

Note: Parasite Free Formula is not recommended for cats or dogs under 6 months of age or elderly animals with a weak constitution, unless under veterinary supervision.

Product size: 2 FL OZ (59mL), Minimum 2000 drops


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    Honestly I was a bit skeptical but figured it was worth a try. Within a few days, let’s just say that this really “cleaned out” my dog Toby. I’m now a believer.

  2. :

    My pitbull had all the signs of parasites–bloating, diarrhea, constipation, low energy, you name it. We gave him a course of this and his symptoms went away over the course of about two weeks. Night and day difference. Really cool how well it worked.

  3. :

    I started noticing signs of worms in the stool of several of my cats and asked a friend what to do. She gave me a bottle of Parasite Free Formula and within 3 weeks all signs of the worms disappeared. I gave a course to the rest of my cats (and two dogs) to make sure they weren’t infested either. I highly recommend this formula.

  4. :

    Awesome stuff, my dog Buckley is doing much better after giving this for a few weeks.

  5. :

    After trying other products, we were getting really concerned that our greyhound wasn’t getting better. We tried a course of Parasite Free formula and after a checkup it appears he is finally recovering!

  6. :

    It did take a while to work, so I recommend being consistent and not giving up. We followed the directions exactly and sure enough Bilbo eventually got better! The vet was impressed and so were we 🙂

  7. :

    Make sure you give the herbs with food. This is great stuff, very effective.

  8. :

    It’s still early but I’m seeing lots of worms in Max’s stool, so I think it’s definitely working. His appetite seems to be improving and he’s got more energy than before too.

  9. :

    We love Prana Pets. In two weeks there were no more signs of worms. Our Vet couldn’t believe that an all natural product did the job so quick.

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