Cushings  Killer Combo CBD Pack

Cushings Killer Combo CBD Pack

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This Bundle Includes 3 products. The Adrenal Support, the C-Support, and CBD Oil.  All 3 products will function differently to ease the symptoms of Cushing's disease so your pet can be comfortable.

Adrenal Support

  • Promotes balanced function of the adrenal and pituitary glands
  • Supports the health of the endocrine system
  • Encourages a healthy appetite
  • Reduces stress response in high strung or nervous pets
  • Helps relieve excessive urination
  • Promotes the healthy growth of skin and fur
  • Enhances energy levels & stamina


  • Promotes healthy functioning of the immune system
  • Encourages optimal energy levels and vitality in pets suffering from fatigue and weakness
  • Stimulates a normal appetite, while regulating digestive health
  • Strengthens liver health for optimal digestion, detoxification, and systemic cleansing
  • Works with the body to inhibit abnormal growths arising from immune dysfunction
  • Reduces systemic inflammation while providing ongoing health support for enhanced well-being, disease resistance, and longevity


  •  Healthy digestion and appetite
  •  Inflammation & pain throughout the body
  •  Nausea & other digestive problems
  •  Anxiety, nervousness & stress
  •  Seizure intensity & frequency
  •  Healthy skin & fur growth

CBD Oil for Pets is a safe, gentle and nutritive CBD supplement for pets of all ages.

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