Why Your Cat Keeps Sneezing But Seems Fine


Cat Keeps Sneezing But Seems Fine

Cats are one of the most common animals kept as pets across the world. Their independent spirit makes them fun to have around. From chasing a string to hunting down household pests, cats are valuable as companions. They're relatively self-sufficient animals, but they can develop health issues over time. If your cat continually sneezes but seems fine, consider the causes, symptoms and solutions to this unusual scenario. 

Possible Nasal Irritation 

The simplest explanation for a sneezing cat is environmental irritants. From cleaning agents to mold, your cat might be exposed to a number of irritants. Similar to humans, your cat might have a sensitivity to a certain substance. 

Take a moment to explore the cat's environment. It's close to the floor so any powders or residues tracked in from the outside might be an issue. If the cat has runny nose and sneezing for most of the day, remove a potential irritant from the house to see a difference in the pet's behavior. One change can improve the cat's health. 

Infection Considerations 

Your cat keeps sneezing but seems fine until you consider an infection possibility. Cats can have viral, fungal and bacterial infections. Feline calicivirus is an example of an infection that can start with sneezing and progress to mouth ulcers or pneumonia. 

A more common, infection cause comes from feline herpes. This ailment often resides in a cat, but the symptoms don't arise for many years. A number of other infections are possible, such as: 

• Bordetella 

• Chlamydia 

• Feline immunodeficiency virus or FIV 

If you suspect an infection as the cat keeps sneezing, speaking to a medical professional is the smartest step to take. 

Nasal Blockages 

A cat's nasal cavity is just as sensitive as a human's nose when it comes to foreign objects. Humans sneeze to clean out the nasal cavity, especially on a day with a lot of particles in the air. A cat keeps sneezing so that it can deal with anything lodged in the nose. 

Breathing in litter or other small objects can create a nasal issue for cats. In this case, the sneezing arises suddenly and seems to pass within a few minutes. If the sneezing continues, the blockage may be stuck. A veterinarian consultation is the best decision at this point. 

Dental Decline 

A cat's dental health is also closely related to sneezing and other respiratory distresses. Imagine the shape of the cat's skull. It has an inflamed tooth. Any drainage from this swollen area ends up in the sinuses. 

Cat nose dripping is a side effect of this dental scenario. The mucus irritates the nasal passages, which creates sneezing issues. Dealing with the dental problem will solve the "cat has runny nose and sneezing" dilemma. 

Worsening Symptoms 

If there are more problems plaguing the cat's health, observe the pet with care. Some symptoms might pass, but others require a professional's evaluation. Look for these symptoms, including: 

• Coughing 

• Inflamed lymph nodes 

• Unusual color in nasal discharge 

Keeping the cat comfortable with a warm blanket may be all that's necessary to calm it down. Similar to the common cold, many symptoms just need time to pass as the cat recuperates. 

Using a Humidifier 

Add moisture to your home's interior by using a humidifier. As an alternative, allow a hot shower or bath to permeate the home with moist air. The water molecules calm a cat's sneezing fits. 

Dry air tends to irritate any mucous membranes, including the nasal passages. The cat may simply need an environment that calms its natural reaction to irritation. Humid air also benefits humans so everyone is comfortable at home. 

Prioritizing Comfort 

At times, the only possible treatment for a cat nose dripping is time. The irritation or virus must run its course. During this time period, your cat may be uncomfortable. Soak a washcloth in warm water. Wring it out, and apply it to the cat's face. With a gentle motion, massage the cat's face with the washcloth. 

This activity is comforting for the pet. It can also loosen any phlegm within the sinuses. The cat might find faster relief with this small gesture on your part. You can also introduce an all natural herb based product such as the Sinu Support, a natural product for sinus issues in cats. The Sinu Support will clear the nose up and help your cat to stop sneezing and breathe easier. 

Trying Vitamins 

When humans are under the weather, drinking orange juice is a typical response. The same concept of ingesting vitamins for good health will work for cats too. A vitamin-C gel is one of the safest ways to get nutrients into the cat's body. Pills aren't a viable option for felines. 

Ask your vet about proper dosage as the cat nose dripping continues on. Giving the pet too much vitamin C won't improve the situation. 

Never hesitate to visit the veterinarian. These professionals can suggest other solutions if the cat keeps sneezing but seems fine. An underlying ailment might be the problem. Taking care of your stealthy feline will only help it recover and resume its duties around the house.

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