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Treating Asthma in Dogs

Treating Asthma in Dogs



People who suffer from asthma have difficulty breathing. Like humans, dogs can suffer from asthma as well. When people or animals suffer from asthma, they experience shortness of breath, wheezing and constricted upper airways. People understand what's happening when they have these symptoms, but it's a scary and freighting ordeal for dogs. That's why treating asthma in dogs is so important.

Symptoms of Asthma in Dogs

Before beginning the search for asthma treatment for dogs, owners have to know that their dogs suffer from asthma. Thankfully, they can look for symptoms of asthma in dogs to determine whether or not their dogs need help, including

  • hacking or dry cough,
  • open-mouth breathing,
  • respiratory distress such as wheezing or difficulty breathing,
  • lethargy,
  • no tolerance for exercise, and
  • extreme weight loss.

Keep in mind that certain dog breeds are more likely to develop asthma over the course of their lives. Dogs are also more likely to develop asthma as they age. People with small dogs should be aware that they have a high risk for asthma as well. However, larger dogs shouldn't be overlooked because they too can suffer from asthma.

Why It's Important to Get Asthma Treatment for Dogs Quickly

As mentioned above, dogs aren't sure what's going on when they have difficulty breathing. It's a frightening experience, but they don't know how to express their concern. During some asthma attacks, dogs start to panic and become stressed out. Panicking just makes the symptoms worse and can even lead to cardiac arrest.

Asthma Treatment for Dogs

Treating asthma in dogs requires owners to be aware of what triggers the asthma attacks. Like asthma in humans, certain things can trigger attacks in dogs, including smoke, dust, outdoor pollen and other small particles that trigger allergies.

However, owners can use some natural solutions to boost their dogs' defense against asthma. One example is Respiratory System Support - Asthma Defense. It provides natural temporary relief for asthma symptoms without using harsh chemicals. Giving this product to dogs is easy. Simply add a few drops into their water or canned food. Over time, the solution boosts their defense against asthma attacks.