Top Natural Anti Seizure Meds for Dogs



All Natural Anti Seizure Medications For Dogs. Learn the top natural ways to fight seizures in your dog.

Top Natural Anti Seizure Meds for Dogs
Doggone Good All Natural Anti Seizure Medications For Dogs
Animals, including our pet dogs, suffer from a lot of the same medical conditions that we as people do. They can get diseases like asthma, cancer, and seizures just like we do. The way their brains work is similar to ours as well. For this reason, we have similar mannerisms. These mannerisms include putting things in our mouths when we are very young (i.e. chew toys and teething rings) and both humans and dogs communicate in the methods that they know. Humans talk and dogs use barking, growling, licking, and tail wagging to communicate.

Since dogs think in the same way that we do, their brain activity is similar to ours. Some human beings have seizures just as some dogs have seizures. A seizure is a change in the electrical activity of the brain. Since humans and dogs have similar brain activity, it is not surprising that some dogs have seizures just like some humans do. For this reason, the same all-natural treatments that range from vitamins and supplements to CBD oil that help people control their seizures should also do the same for dogs. 

Magnesium and Manganese 

Magnesium helps the body absorb vitamins and calcium. It is also very important to the proper functioning of the nervous system. It has been proven that dogs that do not get enough magnesium in their diet have seizures in which they convulse during them. The amount of magnesium that a dog should have on a daily basis ranges from ten milligrams to seventy-five milligrams depending on the size of the dog.


CBD oil is a robust anticonvulsant agent and a great anti-seizure medication for dogs. It has been used to treat anxiety, seizures, and epilepsy in dogs. CBD oil is one of the best anti-seizure meds for dogs as it treats the seizure without them having any mental or physical side effects. Also, unlike some seizure medications, there is no occasion when CBD oil is not a beneficial and a good anti-seizure medication for dogs.  CBD provides the perfect balance with pharmaceutical strength but no side effects. Prana Pets CBD Oil for Dog Seizures works tremendously and is organically grown in Colorado. 

Using Herbs to Treat Seizures 

The herb passionflower can help control anxiety and stress in dogs and is one of the best anti-seizure meds for dogs. If your dog's central nervous system is excessively mentally or physiologically stimulated, passion flower will help them gently calm their nerves. For dogs that have epileptic seizures that are brought on by stress, it will help them control or avoid them in their entirety. There are many herbs that are beneficial, so it is recommended that you use a supplement that contains a mixture of several herbs. Prana Pets Seziure Symptom Support contains several key ingredients that will work to fight your dog's seizures. A supplement like this can and should be used alongside CBD Oil or other meds that are used to fight seizures in dogs.

Skullcap is an herb that helps control spasms. It will help your dog calm down the overstimulated nervous system that may cause them to have an epileptic seizure. It will also help them regulate their body temperature and blood pressure. Having a very high blood pressure or fever can bring on an epileptic seizure in dogs. 

Natural Treatment for Seizures in Dogs

Vitamin C 

You can buy Vitamin C as one of the natural all natural meds for dogs It is a good idea to slowly introduce it to your dog in their food. You should start their Vitamin C with ¼ of the recommended dosage. The potency level increases the larger your dog is. Until you reach the desired dosage, you should give your dog a little more every day. 


Melatonin is very beneficial for dogs that have seizures throughout the night. As with Magnesium and Manganese, the amount of Melatonin your dog should take is based on how big they are. 

Vitamin E

Another natural anti-seizure medication for dogs is Vitamin E. It will help protect the nervous system of your dog.

Mineral Supplements 


Mineral supplements like zinc, calcium, and amino acids like taurine can help prevent your dog from having a seizure that is brought on by them not having enough of them in their system. Taurine is very helpful for the proper functioning of the central nervous system. It also helps stop the body from convulsing and helps the body use calcium, magnesium, and sodium in the way it is supposed to.

If your dog ever does have a seizure, these doggone good all natural anti-seizure medications will help treat and may even prevent future seizures for your dog