Tips for Traveling with Pets this Summer!

Tips for Traveling with Pets this Summer!

It’s almost officially summer, and you know what that means. Time for vacation!

Planning a family vacation takes a lot of work, and when you throw in traveling with pets, there are so many more details to consider! We thought we would make things a little easier with our top tips and tricks for traveling with your pets! 

  • Plan ahead! This might sound obvious, but planning ahead is key when it comes to traveling with pets (and kids, who are we kidding!). Knowing exactly where you are going, how you are getting there, and any stops along the way will make finding pet friendly places and experiences much easier.
  • Confirm the details. If you plan on staying in pet friendly hotels or taking your furry family members out on the town with you, make sure you confirm these details ahead of time. There’s nothing worse than showing up to a hotel with your 75 lb lab to find out they only accept dogs under 25 lbs!
  • Don’t forget to keep them hydrated. Pets can get dehydrated when traveling exceptionally long-distance trips. Always pack a lot of water when traveling with pets, especially with a senior cat or dog. In addition to frequent stops for water and potty breaks, it may also be a good idea to offer your pets wet food instead of dry food if they can tolerate it. This is just an added way to get moisture into their diet.


  • Use a travel crate. When traveling in a car with a dog or cat, if they are used to it, it's generally safer to give them a confined space rather than a lot of room in the backseat. If a dog or cat is crate trained, the crate not only keeps your pet safer but will also make them feel more comfortable and relaxed during the ride. Remember to not overload their crate with toys, just a couple of their favorites will do!
  • Go without a meal before traveling. Pets can also get anxious when traveling, leading to stress and diarrhea. When traveling with dogs, they may not seem stressed before the trip, then, later on, have motion sickness causing an upset stomach. One way to avoid these issues for your poor pets would be avoiding meals before the journey or feeding them less than you normally would.
  • Ensure you have the proper paperwork. Many places will require you to have the latest health certificate signed by a licensed vet when traveling with a pet. Before signing the document, the veterinarian verifies that your cat or dog is healthy and has gotten all the recent vaccinations needed by the country you are visiting. When flying, there may be required particular paperwork that can be confirmed by the airline you are using.
  • Try CBD Oil for stress relief. If your dog or cat gets anxious about traveling, try a little CBD Oil before the trip. Prana Pets CBD Oil for Pets is commonly used to help relieve anxiety, nervousness and stress in dogs and cats. When your pets are less stressed, everyone is less stressed and more likely to enjoy your vacation! 
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