3 Signs of Oral Melanoma in Dogs

You may know someone who's battling cancer. It's a widespread disease among humans. It can also impact canines as well. Oral melanoma in dogs is otherwise known as mouth cancer. Researchers aren't entirely sure why cancers arise in certain dog breeds. It might be due to genetic or environmental factors. A combination of the two is often the theory for cancer growths. If you're concerned about your dog's health, take a look at the top three signs of oral melanoma. Constant observation can help you catch it early on.

Swollen Neck or Mouth

Typical, oral melanoma in dogs symptoms include swollen conditions. The gums might be swollen as well as the tissues surrounding the mouth. You might notice swelling in the dog's neck where lymph nodes reside. A swelling that disappears over a few days is nothing to worry about. 

However, be aware of swollen tissues that remain fixed for weeks. Oral melanoma in dogs can grow quickly out of control. The swelling tells you that the dog's immune system is fighting a germ, and it may not get the upper hand with cancer involved.

Weight Loss

Giving your pup a few treats over the years may equate to fat on its body. It seems like every dog gains weight with a loving owner. Losing this weight is important to the dog's health. If you notice that the dog is losing weight at a rapid pace, visit the vet. Oral melanoma in dogs symptoms includes rapid, weight loss. The mouth may be in too much pain for normal, eating patterns. The cancer tumors pull energy from the dog's body as they consume tissue too.

Excessive Fluids From Oral Cavity

You might have a dog that drools on a constant basis. However, the drool seems to be getting out of control. There's even some blood associated with the drool. Neither of these two scenarios is normal. Visiting a vet is crucial because the tumor may be growing in at a faster rate than normal. The dog's saliva glands are simply responding to the tumor with blood emanating from the unnatural growth.

You know your dog better than anyone else. If something seems off, and the pet doesn't display any obvious symptoms, visit the veterinarian anyway. A thorough examination may be all that's necessary to verify an ailment. Natural supplements such as CBD oil for pets can work very well to combat cancer's symptoms as well as cancer itself. Man's best friend deserves medical attention to ward off as many illnesses as possible.




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