4 Ways to Fight Mast Cell Tumors in Dogs


There are many ways to fight mast cell tumors in dogs. Some methods are natural while others involve surgery and traditional medicine. Here are 4 ways to fight mast cell tumors in dogs.
4 Ways to Fight Mast Cell Tumors in Dogs




Treatment for mast cell tumors in dogs is determined by how advanced the disease is. Testing will help you to see the level of aggression the tumor has developed before treatment is determined. Here are three ways to fight mast cell tumors in dogs.

Adjust Your Dog’s Diet

Providing proper nutrition for pets will help fight against mast cell tumors in dogs. The diet needs to feed and support your pet's body while starving cancer. Battling cancer with natural means makes you rely on your pet's body to fight cancer. With that said, you should do all you can to provide them with a good immune system. Since cancer feeds on carbohydrates, you will want to avoid giving them to your pet. Instead, provide them with high protein, no grain or very little grain, and fat in moderation. A high protein diet will help to improve your pet's blood flow and reduce inflammation.

Remove the Mast Cell Tumor

Removing a localized mast cell tumor is possible. Typically, this is done only on a low histological grade level. At this level, the mast cell is small enough for the surgeon to dig deep enough to remove the whole tumor. A larger tumor is more difficult to remove from your pet. In fact, if the surgeon cannot remove all of the mast cells it may cause cancer to spread throughout the body. Take caution and only use this method if the mast cell tumor is small enough to get it all.


Adjuvant Treatment

The adjuvant treatment is typically used on dogs that are not good candidates for curative surgery. Often, these operations may only be cytoreductive, therefore leaving small microscopics behind. In this case, these animals are recommended to use these adjuvant therapies to decrease the chances of regrowth. The most successful adjuvant therapy to treat mast cell tumors in dogs is external beam megavoltage radiation.


Cannabidiol (CBD) is a natural compound found in cannabis. Researchers have excessively studied CBD for dogs and found it has the ability to prevent and treat several ailments. CBD is easy to extract from any form of cannabis because it occurs naturally throughout the entire plant including the seeds, stalk, and flowers. CBD Oil does not have intoxicating, hallucinogenic, or addicting effects. It does help reduce anxiety and possesses antipsychotic effects. Our CBD Oil for pets is safe and beneficial for aging and elderly dogs. Use the oil daily or intermittently for a short or long period of time.

CBD has been shown to fight the symptoms of Cancer and improve your pet's condition overall. There have even been some cases where cancer has gone into remission. I highly recommend that CBD  is at least tried. There are no negative side effects associated with the product so there is no downside to using the product.