How Long Can a Dog Live With Mammary Cancer?


 Canines With Mammary Cancer

Anytime cancer touches our lives it leaves a sense of heartbreak and devastation in its wake. There are hardly words to describe the pain one feels when they receive such news about a loved one or family member, and this is just as true for mans best friend. 

Mammary cancer in your dog may seem like something you won't have to worry about with your fur-baby, after all, how common could such an illness be in canines? If your dog is by chance a male, then you more than likely should not have to worry about him contracting the deadly disease, however, if you have a female the probabilities can be much higher.

Life Expectancy Of Canines With Mammary Cancer

The life expectancy of your faithful friend is dependant on a few different factors as with any form of cancer in any patient. The size and number of tumors found in the animal can play a rather significant role in how long they can survive the disease. Unfortunately, another major factor in the life expectancy of dogs with mammary cancer is their owner's ability to pay for medical treatments. 
Mammary cancer treatment for dogs is relatively straightforward. Surgery is the primary option for pet parents with an ailing dog.

While preparing for the removal of tumors caused by mammary cancer in dogs, pet parents should brace themselves for a bill of anywhere from $500 upwards to $2000. These may seem like daunting numbers when considering a vet bill. However, you can check with your veterinary provider for pet insurance options, or apply for care credit to ensure you can pay for surgical procedures.


Prevention of mammary cancer in dogs is vital if you are raising bitches. Females have a much higher percentage rate of contracting a mammary disease, but there are steps you can take to prevent this. Bitches should be spayed at an early age, preferably before their first heat cycle. Chances of your female contracting mammary cancer heighten to 8% if you wait until the 2nd heat cycle to spay and again rises to a staggering 26% chance if you wait until after the 2nd cycle. Waiting until a bitch is over two and a half years old to spay, will not have any sparing effects for the animal.

Checking your companions chest, especially females, is crucial for preventing the disease from becoming far worse than it could be. If you do happen to notice swelling, bruising, bumps or other strange occurrences you should immediately take the animal as soon as possible to be seen by a Veterinarian. Ignoring or waiting to observe any changes in lumps, bumps or bruises on your faithful companion may lead to a more serious issue and a weaker understanding of the condition they are in.

Supplements may be used as an alternative to traditional medicine. Many people like to try these during the early stages of cancer and in some cases even late or alongside the prescription drugs. CBD Oil for Dog's is very effective in particular. CBD will not only aid in easing the symptoms of cancer, but it has been shown to even fight cancer itself. An overwhelming majority of CBD users reported that their pet's symptoms decreased in severity. Cbd when combined with other supplements such as the C-Support, which will detoxify the body and boost the immune system,  as shown to be even more effective.


At times mammary cancer treatment for dogs cannot be performed because their owners thought they would wait out the health of their pet. Waiting too long to have your dog be seen can play a significant role in their life expectancy as well. You may be causing yourself, and your pet far more strife than what was necessary, to begin with. In conclusion, make sure if you see something out of place with your pet that you do something about it immediately, it just may save their lives!

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