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Getting Rid of Your Cat’s Cold with a Herbal Remedy

Getting Rid of Your Cat’s Cold with a Herbal Remedy

Can cats get colds? Absolutely they can! It is a common illness seen in cats of any age and is also known as feline upper respiratory infection. Having a pet adds so much joy to your life, but having a sick cat is no fun at all. Not only do you feel terrible for your furry friend, but they can be quite a pain to deal with while they aren’t feeling well. Just like when you get a little run down, there are a few things to do that can help your cat feel more comfortable while they have a cold. Here are a some things to try if your Cat has a cold:

1. Place them in a steamy room. This trick works for humans as well as pets! There’s nothing that can help clear the congestion of your cat’s nasal and respiratory airways than a good, long steam. Turn on your shower or bath to a hot temperature and leave on for several minutes to allow your bathroom to fill with steam. Then, bring your cat into the room to breathe the steam for about 15 minutes, a few times a day.

2. Keep your cat warm. Keeping your cat nice and warm will help them to fight off the cold. Not only will a warm and cozy space help your cat to breathe while they battle their cold, the added warmth will help soothe them.

3. Buy an herbal cold remedy. Fighting a cold from the inside out can significantly improve the odds of beating it quickly.

Don’t fight for your pet’s health alone. Prana Pets wants to help too! We have many products available for your pet, for everything from anxiety to cancer to a simple cat cold. Browse our selection of herbal remedies, purchase one intended for cats with colds, and in just a few days it will be delivered and your cat will begin to feel better. If your cat regularly comes down with a cold, it is a good idea to keep a bottle or two handy at all times so he or she doesn’t need to wait next time.