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CBD Oil for Dogs

CBD Oil for Dogs

CBD Oil for Dogs

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a natural compound found in cannabis. Researchers have excessively studied CBD for dogs and found it has the ability to prevent and treat several ailments. CBD is easy to extract from any form of cannabis because it occurs naturally throughout the entire plant including the seeds, stalk, and flowers. CBD Oil does not have intoxicating, hallucinogenic, or addicting effects. It does help reduce anxiety and possesses antipsychotic effects. Our CBD Oil is safe and beneficial for aging and elderly dogs. Use the oil daily or intermittently for a short or long period of time.

Benefits of CBD Oil for Dogs
Dogs often suffer from seizures, symptomatic or idiopathic. Symptomatic seizures are typically caused by problems within or around the brain. Idiopathic seizures have no known cause. Studies prove that CBD for dogs has anticonvulsant effects, and reduces the severity of a seizure. CBD Oil for dog seizures does not have the side effects many prescription drugs cause such as long-term liver damage.
A common problem for dogs is arthritis, which is a debilitating condition. Inflammation in joints is a leading cause of arthritis. CBD Oil for dogs is an anti-inflammatory, which helps provide pain relief for joints and muscles.
Sometimes, dogs are not able to calm down while their owners are gone for the day. People passing the house may send the dog into a fit, destroying belongings and nearly causing physical harm. CBD Oil helps relieve anxiety and stress.
Many dogs scratch themselves, sometimes until they bleed. CBD Oil helps promote healthy skin and a shiny coat.

Conditions CBD Oil can Treat in Dogs

* Cancer (helps relax, reduce pain, and boosts immune system)
* Cushing’s disease (helps relax, balances appetite, improves skin and hair, no side effects)
* Inability to relax (reduces anxiety, nervousness, and stress)
* Irritable stomach (promotes a healthy appetite and digestion, and relieves nausea)
* Joint and muscle pain (reduces inflammation and relieves pain)
* Seizures (acts as an anticonvulsant, reduces seizure severity, and has no harmful side effects)
* Skin and fur problems (promotes healthy skin and fur)

Our CBD Oil for dogs is specifically created for the safe use on dogs. The oil may be used with other medications. Whether using CBD Oil for dog seizures, arthritis, an irritable stomach, or general health, the benefits are monumental.
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