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Causes Of Abdominal Pain In Dogs

Causes Of Abdominal Pain In Dogs


Causes Of Abdominal Pain In Dogs

If you love your pet, then understanding the causes of abdominal pain in dogs is essential. In addition to knowing more about why a dog might have pain in the abdomen, after learning the cause of the discomfort, you can choose the correct natural treatment. Using the wrong dog abdominal pain treatment can lead to complications, so you must diagnose your pet correctly. Here are some of the causes of abdominal pain in dogs. 

Problem 1: Kidney Disorders in Dogs

When your dog has a kidney infection, it will have abdominal pain. Dogs have two kidneys, and it is possible for an animal to have kidney diseases that cause discomfort along with other symptoms. A dog that drinks a lot of fresh water can often overcome a kidney infection naturally. Using a natural supplement such as our Natural Kidney Support Formula for Pets can also help to aid your pet in the fight against the kidney issue.

Problem 2: Poisoning Incidents

You should teach your dog to eat food only from you, but if your pet consumes something poisonous, then it can have abdominal pain along with other symptoms such as vomiting. It is important to remember that dogs can't eat certain types of foods such as chocolate or onions, and if your pet consumes a poisoned rodent, then it will also become sick. 

Problem 3: Abdominal Tumors

Dog abdominal pain rarely occurs from tumors, but when your pet is displaying symptoms of discomfort in the abdominal area, you can examine its body with your hands. When you feel something strange in the dog's body, bring your pet to your veterinarian for an additional examination. Some abdominal tumors are benign while others are cancerous, but there is a treatment for abdominal pain in dogs that have this medical problem. One such treatment can be CBD oil for pets which will work to fight the tumor directly. CBD is from the marijuana plant and is highly effective.

Problem 4: Allergic Reaction

If your dog has an allergy, then it can have abdominal pain as a reaction. Some dogs have a severe allergy to a protein that is in poultry, so you must buy dog food that doesn't contain turkey, chicken or duck ingredients. Occasionally, a dog will ingest some other type of food that causes an allergic reaction. 

Problem 5: Traumatic Injury

When your dog is hit by a vehicle or is involved in a fight with another dog, it can experience internal injuries, leading to pain in the abdominal area. This type of pain is often caused by internal bleeding or a twisted intestine. If your dog is injured, then bring it to your veterinarian immediately for an examination. 

Problem 6: Intestinal Blockage

Your dog can develop an intestinal blockage for a variety of reasons, and when an animal has this problem, it can't defecate, and this will lead to intense abdominal discomfort. By consuming foods that contain roughage or drinking more water, your pet can eliminate an intestinal blockage. Digestive issues in dogs can be a major cause of abdominal pain. It is highly recommended that these issues be resolved as soon as possible. Prana Pets Good Digestion Formula will do the trick when it comes to treating the issue.

Problem 7: Parasitical Infection

If your dog has a parasitical infection, then it can have abdominal pain along with diarrhea or vomiting. The best dog abdominal pain treatment for parasites such as worms is an herbal remedy that destroys the parasites so that the animal releases the worms in its feces. Parasite Free Formula from Prana Pets will not only expel the parasites from your dogs' body, but also work to prevent them from returning in the future.

Problem 8: Stomach Cancer

It is possible for your dog to have stomach cancer that requires the removal of malignant tumors along with chemotherapy. This type of medical condition typically occurs in older animals, but there is a treatment for abdominal pain in dogs with stomach cancer. 

Problem 9: Excess Food

When you have a dog that gobbles up too much food, it can develop severe indigestion and bloating, leading to abdominal pain. A dog that didn't receive enough food at a younger age may tend to overeat, so you must make sure that your pet doesn't have any additional access to food after you feed it each day. 

Problem 10: Foreign Object

Dog abdominal pain is often caused by the consumption of a foreign object, including the upholstery from furniture. Some dogs will consume odd objects when the animal is unsupervised. In addition, a dog that has suffered from malnutrition in the past may automatically try to consume anything that it can chew. 

Natural Abdominal Pain Treatment For Dogs

You can give your dog natural edible essential oils or herbs to soothe its abdominal pain. Some dogs feel better after eating yogurt or kefir that contains natural probiotics that add good bacteria to the digestive tract.