Best Natural Cancer Treatment for Dogs


Just as humans can develop cancer, so can our furry best friends. There are many different cancer treatments for dogs. Sadly, over fifty percent of dogs over the age of ten, are diagnosed with cancer. Just like us, they can get cancer in various organs, bone, and skin and the cancer is most often malignant, meaning fatal. Popular treatment methods have been the usual surgery, radiation, or chemotherapy. These methods can sometimes take more of a toll on your body than the actual disease. Over the years, physicians have discovered the benefits and sometimes healing results of natural medicine. This can include various herbs and supplements and the following are just a few of those.


One of the most popular natural cancer treatment for dogs are mushrooms. Yes, your dog cancer treatment can include your our legged pal indulging in shiitake, maitake and porotbello mushrooms. Although we can digest either way, you should never feed your dog raw mushrooms as they must be cooked. The fungi is packed with vitamin B and anti-cancer fighters found in the stem and caps. 

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is a highly important vitamin for anyone. Cancer can actually deplete the body of D therefore it is important to add this supplement to your dog cancer treatment regimen. In fact, dogs with already low volumes are more prone to developing cancer. In the long run, its best to make sure you get Sparky out for as many walks in the sun to soak up the D even more naturally.


Provide your sick pup with a spicy and tasty supplement. Ginger is not only known to help with upset tummies as a result of the cancer and those receiving chemo. It has also been tested in labs with mice and results showed that ginger actually slowed the growth of tumors. Like another natural spice, turmeric, ginger has proven to reduce inflammation in those suffering. Do not feed them a stick of ginger, but a rather finely chopped spoonful or mixed in food.


As medical marijuana becomes mainstream, we are finding that the benefits it gives humans also apply for pets. Many pet owners are turning to CBD Oil. because it does not contain any THC. Because it does not have THC the product can not get you high and it is completely legal. CBD has been shown to fight the symptoms of Cancer and improve your pets condition over all. There have even been some cases where the cancer has gone into remission. I highly recommend that CBD  is at least tried. There are no negative side effects associated with the product so there is no downside to using the product.

Regardless of the method you choose to treat your dog's illness, it is always best to help them be as comfortable as possible. No treatment is guaranteed, but any is better than none.

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